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[SCAM] Fake Mail "Congratulations This is (VM)"

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  • [SCAM] Fake Mail "Congratulations This is (VM)"

    Hello all,

    Some players indicate that some abuser has sent out fake messages to players about claiming an event reward. Do not follow the URL in the following message, it is a scam.

    [Scam] Fake Mail: "Congratulations This is (VM)"

    Official WEBZEN staff, or (VM)izakit, will never message any player in-game about claiming a reward. All official event reward distributions are made through official WEBZEN staff. Never follow suspicious URL links, except for or

    Stay safe!
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    Official [Global MU Online] fan site and game guide:

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    LOL, Thanks for your information
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      last time iv seen such phishing was 10 years ago


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        But you know out of 500 or 1000 people, at least 1 will fall for it. Yep in 21st century.


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          Originally posted by EroL View Post
          But you know out of 500 or 1000 people, at least 1 will fall for it. Yep in 21st century.
          Yep, you're right and it's crazy. This might seem like very obvious information to many people BUT this is a good time to say yet again to refrain from sharing account info with others. You would be surprised what kind of information people can pull from successfully phishing one person.

          They can get into email accounts, social media, pull up conversations in iMessage, all sorts of crazy stuff. Just be safe folks, keep everything secure.


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            Well today send whith another nick i will report but if any vm or vl can do it will be great this is shit


            • (VL)Lechtacus
              (VL)Lechtacus commented
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              Very nice work from the abuser pretending to act like a very well known character in-game (Fasterion) to gather info about players.

              Once again as we all know: WEBZEN team doesn't ask for account info in-game. The only way we "ask" for info is through direct inquiries once again you contact us.

              Don't share account info in game...Never!


            • (VM)izakit
              (VM)izakit commented
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              Thank you for reporting.

            • LTROLKNOCK
              LTROLKNOCK commented
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              (VL)Lechtacus not abusing. that's staff impersonation