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    Can Webzen Please Check the Legitimacy of these current rankings

    ive calculated that if the guy in the lead had spun nothing but dimension Roulette its $550 USD (560,000 GP) he has spent to get 3500 points in the ranking

    now the fact that 2 points for normal 5 points for dimension

    the amount he must have spent would be more closer to 800 - 1000 usd on roulette this cannot be legit surely

    webzen should make checks everyday cuz the last time this event ran people hacked the site and got spins for free whats to say they not doing it now hackers had like 50k ruud ..... and other items

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    Same happened with Mini Bomb ranking event... But justice was done in the end and cheaters were removed from ranking, allowing other players to get their respective prices.
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    Now back in action!!!


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      Yes but for people who wants to play it we have no idea what amount we need to reach if we are ahead or behind seems like wasted event its in webzens best interest and i bet those people hacking it have got tonness of 5000 ruud packs and just bought items and stones to hold onto until new season its fuked up once it leaves that account its untraceable and once again hackers will get rich