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[Class Guide] All About Grow Lancer

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  • Originally posted by RichuRacha View Post
    my aGL 300 lvl
    which set will better?
    Robust+rate or Anc Sate for lvling

    if i want exp in Arch, +Rate will works for elemental damage from mobs?
    +Rate from exc item doesnt work against elemental dmg, so definately go for the ancient.
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    • Which one should I use between Magic Spin and Shining Peak for grinding for my aGl (in party with sDL and EE) ?


      • Excuse me, I'm new here. I would like to ask you all how can I create Grow Lancer, Thanks.


        • Hello
          I would like to ask for some help with development of my aGL
          Currently im poor as f**k but i would appreciate input on what items and how to develop my MST
          I mostly play Solo and i would like to be able to hunt with this char as soon as possible Level 546

          Current items:
          xLapid +Skill+EDR
          xPend ice +EDR+8Life
          xPrincle Helm+L+HP+REF
          Cloak+9+full mana rec+return dmg
          Carthy Sate Gloves+9
          Carthy Ring
          Camil Sate pants+9
          Camil Pluma Shield +9
          Empire Guardians Stronghold Water (no errtels)

          My Stats:

          My current MST:


          • Hey guys how is it goin? long time dont play, i back to play my Agl
            its Lv480 so far and my setting are
            Its using an exe ba set with luck and drate
            i got a lance 380 +12 with ss3
            penta harp+9 water with 777 errtels water
            +12 event cloak
            pend edr+life+3%rec
            Crappy rings +ref+mana^^

            I manage to afk solo in nars fire so far it kills in 3-4 hits wich is really good for my level i think

            Whats ur thougs on what should be my next step?
            aba set to lvl up faster?
            ba lance?
            Any advices to go later ferea and so on?


            • For elemental maps items with dd+hp are better than dr, elemental mobs always hit you with normal damage, dr doesn't work. (set with dr might be useful in raklion map if you want to try hunting, dr is also helpful when you are doing gaion event to get ruud). If you switch to lyra( go for 1 2 3 and add 5), with right errtels you can get punish which would increase your damage, especially against strong mobs ( solo gaion event).