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[Class Guide] All About Dark Lord

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  • (VL)s0uLLess
    started a topic [Class Guide] All About Dark Lord

    [Class Guide] All About Dark Lord

    Hello, Mutizens!

    I'm creating this topic after the success of the poll where I asked players if they would like to see sticked topics about builds, master skill tree, tips and so on for each class. So, please, make use of it!

    Since there might be more than one kind of build for a class, be specific whenever requesting help or posting informations.

    To newcomers or players that are learning, avoid asking for help without provide any information. Do your homework, make some tests, gather up some doubts and do the questions related to them. Many players dedicated lot of their time in order to learn something or discover good combinations, so don't expect to receive everything easily and respect if someone refuses to share specific details, after all, things like that is what makes a character stand out in the crowd!

    We are here to help each other and, maybe, discover new things, so, please, keep the environment clean and friendly...



    EDIT 07/05/2015

    Adding some reference links to Dark Lord informations:

  • Raka
    i Am lvl 855
    i am wondering about tree lvl800
    should i go top, with increase range ?
    does it help ?

    or should i go debuff/ hp ?
    i got 10 points left
    thank you,

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  • LuxBreezy
    How much ENE should i put in the beginning of my character? im doing a SDL build cause im confused if i should add more ENE cause of the lack of mana

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  • (VM)izakit
    commented on 's reply
    As a [Guild Master] this character can have a larger amount of [Guild Members] than other characters can:

    [+1] [Guild Member] every 10 [Character Levels]
    [+1] [Guild Member] every 10 [COM Levels]
    (x80) [Guild Members] max

  • Savalan91
    hi there

    can anyone help with stats build for guild master?

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  • AlibabaDL
    guys . im dl lvl 1017 . wearing awa+9 , conque wing max , xbaa scepter . how much str needed if i want to make it pro pvp on cs ? 2k str enough or more ? hope to hear some pro pvp dl advise . thanks

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  • Throwawayaccount139
    commented on 's reply
    STR should be multiples of 4 (dmg and maxdmg)
    AGI should be multiples of 15 (speed) and 3 (defense and rate)
    ENE should be multiples of 10 (skill%) and 20 (fortitude)

    STR /4
    AGI /3 /15
    ENE /10 /20

  • Keisio
    Originally posted by Throwawayaccount139 View Post
    ProTip: don’t round stats to random numbers. Round them to nearest divisible increment for skill increase.

    STR should be multiples of five(max dmg) and 25(max fireburst).
    AGI should be multiples of seven(defense) and 10(speed).
    ENE should be multiples of 10(max dmg), 20(skill %) and 30(crit dmg).
    CMD should be multiples of 25(crit dmg).

    str /5 /25
    agi /7 /10
    ene /10 /20 /30
    cmd /25
    You help me to configure it for the bm?

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  • CaLoc
    Crit buff dmg DL has been fix all 4 power up 1 2 3 4.
    Last edited by CaLoc; 20-03-19, 12:27 AM.

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  • LordLegacy
    commented on 's reply
    go 2k str, rest agi, base vit, 100 ene, base cmd

  • LordLegacy
    commented on 's reply
    if you gonna use legal errtels. you need more str in order to punish. then add rest in agil. thats all

  • LordLegacy
    commented on 's reply
    Ravens damage. but i dont recommend that build. it has been nerfed for long time

  • Gin4ndJuice
    I'm not sure if this has been answered somewhere before.
    But does the 'Command Attack Increase' skill from the master tree effect the Dark Lord's damage or the Raven's damage?
    Or is it both..

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  • Antaeos
    What's the optimal stat distribution for PvM DL? I plan on using mine for Zen farming exclusively. Right now my distribution is

    Str: rest

    Agi: 1000

    Base on all other.

    Is this optimal for PvM? Or should I increase my agi more. Keep in mind this char will use zen gear only and legal errtels :P

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  • Agustinto
    Hi im starting from zero a new DL in this season 13 and i want some help.

    I wanna be pure solo pvm dl but i dont know how to start or where to add stats.

    I wanna say that will not be a p2w player. Only and pure f2p. So any suggestion are welcome

    Im lvl 79 rn and this are my stats

    Str 350

    Agi 150

    Sta base

    Ene 79

    Cmd base

    Set scale +3+luck+4

    Serpent shield+3+luck+5

    Mace +mana


    So thats it. Im leveling in elbeland/atlans etc

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