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[Class Guide] All About Fairy Elf

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  • Originally posted by MGMGsMGaMGMGrMGaMGpM View Post
    Sorry to tell you this but many says that’s a dead server. Since your still low level why don’t you start in other realm such as Helheim or Midgard or here at Alfheim. You can’t sell those items you’ve farm coz few are playing there. In hh the price are low because so many competing sellers...
    OK, thanks, can I use any of HH servers ? I meant 4/5/6/7 ? Which server should I choose ? As I understand I cant transfer ?


      Editing a comment
      You can login your account in el dorado in any other server then train a new one there. Helheim is crowded but very good option to train and play. Other realm like midgard and alfheim, spot here are not that crowded and you still can go to events like bc, ds etc. Server 6/7/8/9/10 are free to play server, Gold servers are the 1/2/3/4 and 5 server. You can't transfer but you can still use the account your using in eldorado and login to other realm with empty character slot. Normally server 6 is the market server but in HH I think their market channel is 6,7 and 8.

  • MGMGsMGaMGMGrMGaMGpM , thanks for your help, started to play on HH as DW. If you are from HH, can u buy me 2x Resurrection staffs from Karutan ?