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[Class Guide] All About Dark Knight

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  • (VL)s0uLLess
    started a topic [Class Guide] All About Dark Knight

    [Class Guide] All About Dark Knight

    Hello, Mutizens!

    I'm creating this topic after the success of the poll where I asked players if they would like to see sticked topics about builds, master skill tree, tips and so on for each class. So, please, make use of it!

    Since there might be more than one kind of build for a class, be specific whenever requesting help or posting informations.

    To newcomers or players that are learning, avoid asking for help without provide any information. Do your homework, make some tests, gather up some doubts and do the questions related to them. Many players dedicated lot of their time in order to learn something or discover good combinations, so don't expect to receive everything easily and respect if someone refuses to share specific details, after all, things like that is what makes a character stand out in the crowd!

    We are here to help each other and, maybe, discover new things, so, please, keep the environment clean and friendly...



    EDIT 07/05/2015

    Adding some reference links to Dark Knight informations:

  • BBRG
    commented on 's reply
    The problem is not fireblow, but ruud set. At the current balance of the game, if you are above Lv600 without ABA or Lv800 without ADA at the minimum you will be very sorry.

    So the main thing is that an ruud set for ABK does not exist, that you are forced to up your STR to meet the ruud set requirement, all other build options are vastly inferior compared to using ruud set. AMG suffer exactly the same issue.

    Even at the minimum STR of 1090 for fireblow, you would still be unable to equip ABA armor +11+16. Although using lower + is possible at this STR and that is viable, but you will have to tailor your own set into non-standard and may have issues when upgrading or buying a set.

  • Liberte1617
    commented on 's reply
    HairyElbow, No offense but your comment is more like SH**. He is already lvl400 and you ask him to buy vic set? And he didn't even say he is on titan. And he has already got penta, just need some nice errtels to make it useful so he can afk at ele maps but you say it's not number 1 issue? Loads of bullshits.

  • Darkcrawle
    Hi everyone, i'm looking for some advice in BK building.

    How essential is Fire Blow? is just possible to just use Death Stab? it has an enhancement tree too, and you would be saving some strenght points and using them in ENE, which can give you more damage is high levels and with ee/xshop buffs.
    You would give up in any Angel weapon too and would be stuck with socket weapons (or Archangel weapons if you have a lot of money), which is something i don't know how compare to one another.

    If anyone have some insight in the viability of this build and could give me some advice i would be thankful!

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  • OldFriend
    Hey Guys !

    Quic question , what for an set should my EBK aim for ?

    Thx !

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  • Quickshot111
    commented on 's reply
    dmg count all the way

  • Forumnick1
    any high lvl bk can give advice on skill enhancement tree?
    right now I've put 10 points on fire blow and 1 point on bleeding debuff
    should i continue with damage count+1 or go for the debuff increase?
    i have 25 points available and I don't think I will lvl up anymore for a while

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  • Metalix
    this is my master skill treethis is my stats
    Last edited by Metalix; 08-12-18, 02:33 AM.

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  • Metalix
    commented on 's reply
    i use this stats:
    1??? Str
    500 aGi
    ?? sta
    300 enE

    I use 500 AGIlity MAXimum because of the SPEED if you use more speed you will need 20/20 or fix max ag in second skill tree
    Last edited by Metalix; 08-12-18, 02:39 AM.

  • Yahve
    Metalix check on i have 16 points on rec ag.
    IDK if I should pass some points of str to ene. For now im gonna add 10 points on the skill tree on Energy Increase (well as soon as i make 9 lvls more =)) )

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  • Metalix
    commented on 's reply
    use rec ag skill tree
    it will fix your ag problem

  • Metalix
    commented on 's reply
    my hunting skill tree for pvm is def type
    recovery (mana, hp, ag)
    def inc
    def rate

  • Yahve
    Ok mutizens, Im in need of some good old help

    my bk lvl is 537
    my current stat built is
    str 1373
    agi 780
    sta 25

    my ML tree is this

    im wearing an aba+9 with xba +9+L+4add+ref+max life
    storm wings+15+16add
    nice lyra+9
    and a nice pair of baa

    the problem that i have is that my ag is 689 since i added one point on blow proficiency i cant afk with ds all the time as before

    my goal is to afk nicely at ferea and increase my ag so i can properly attack all the time ))

    Any advice on how should i touch my stat build or ml build to be able to do that?
    btw im a soloing player

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  • Yahve
    Any nice Skill Stree for pvm?
    Thanks a lot in advance, im really lost with the latest updates haha

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  • Defaultname
    commented on 's reply
    Just personal opinion not expert, flames can help you if you have low ene and want to go dmg seeds + 1 or 2 ag cost seeds, in your case on a budget I would just go 500 or 600 ene (no more ag recovery problems at low and medium agility stats / attack speeds) as final build on level 400, rest of the points to agi or str and save your jewels for good wings.
    Socket weapons aren't that great without good seeds and bone blades won't help you much for leveling.