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  • Hello people,

    I want to lvl up until lvl 400, I have a BK lvl 299 with the following stats->

    STR 794
    AGI 286
    STA 573
    ENE 100

    My equipments are

    -Black Dragon Set+11+16+DD+HP+DD JOH; (STR and AGI are for set at moment)
    -Pair Rings+DD+HP;
    -Wings BK lvl2 +11+luck;
    -Pair Knight Blade+15-13+xdmg+lvl20+speed+luck
    -Penta Iron Shield of the Magic +9+5S

    Well, I have some internet issues, but I expect to lvlup till 400 at least, I need a PVP build. I have low jewels budget - around 300b to make improvements. I need some good penta and stuff to survive in maps like Swamp when get lvl 400...

    Will I need to change my xKBs to another weapons? and set? which set will be the best for PVP at this lvl? I consider the possibility of selling my BD set and xKBs if necessary.


    • Defaultname
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      Just get a rave or vicious set even +0 items are ok for leveling until 400. Maybe improve the wings for leveling, definitely for pvp.
      I wouldn't sell that set and the swords, they sound like collector items, you might regret it later^^ Maybe just keep farming for the jwls you need for other items.
      Str stamina is still ok as a build for pvp ~400 or 400~500, but it's only good as long as you have some nice socketed set and good wing3 to go with it.
      Otherwise just focus on dmg set and items and rebuild to any dmg build: pure str, str ene, str agi. Anything that gets you the kill before your opponent gets you.

  • Hi guys, i have a PVM BM ml 120, using xBA set+L+zen + daybreak+xdmg+mana/8, i have a question. is it a lot of difference using pair BA swords+9, against 1 ba sword+9 + 1 flamberge sword+11/13? Thanks in advance


    • Hi all,

      Long time since i played this so looking for a bit of advice,

      My bk build so far is :
      Lvl 284
      Str: 596
      Agil: 755
      Energy: 200

      It is an attempt at a aBK with BB. a hybrid i guess,

      He is been dragged up by his party and will continue to do so, so lvling isnt a problem, however I'm struggling to see at what point i should stop adding agil and start on stamina. I'm unsure on on all skill tree etc as it wasnt out last time i played and its also Eldorado server to Vicious set is about the best he will be draped in for now.

      Any help/advice would be great as id prefer a half decent build to test before reseting stats


      • Recently I came back from the dea... wait no, I just came back to the game and wanted to try something like an ABK, some people waaaay more experienced than I am in this game gave me some advices...

        BBRG gave me this for around lv 300:
        STR 593~600
        AGI 1050+
        STA base
        ENE 10~120

        I assume that being AGI and stuff, leveling and jewell farming should be easier due tankiness and such, right? I'm planing AFK farm the F$#"% out LT3-7 for bless and souls and shiets like that


        • Ardeuz
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          agy bk = 1.8k agy min

        • BBRG
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          You can afk LT1 to get ft imps in like 6 hours then you have a month of imps to afk icarus at level 300.

          Buy kantata+cloud or berserker set with dino imp (that last for days or weeks with right setup) you can 2-shot monsters in lt7.

          At lower level (80~220) you can try to afk dungeon and mass produce dino. Imp drop like worthless so always use them yourself (ft may worth 1b but difficult to sell due to how easy to get ft imp by afk), Sell some dino and ft gaion order to get some bless you should be able to buy weapon/set/wings.
          If you lack budget, always try to kill weaker monsters with dino imp equipped to kill them instantly. You can easily get a lot of chaos this way in elbeland.

          If you mount a dino you can use deathstab main, and raid skill when you run out of AG. You should use dino if you are taking minimum damage and overrating the monsters (that you have higher defense rate than their attack success rate, getting bonus damage reduction). Dino will live for weeks afk 24/7.

          After you are winged, buy a merciless gladiator dagger wind type, bless and soul it to +7 and stuff anger and blessing errtels on it. This cost 15~20b that can greatly boost your damage for a low cost and it can last you for a very long time. You will only need a better pentagram to afk in nars+ and that will take level 510+.

          At level 300, with kantata+cloud +9+12 you can afk in alkmaar if you want to get fast exp. Jewel drop rate is low but you can farm zen in acheron.
          In elemental map you probably can't use dino imp at the practical level, may use combo instead. Dino imp can be used in ubaid and up once you reach level 443 if you go straight for pets durability on the first tree, which should be the most effective mode of farming. At that level you would spend a lot of time farming in debenter which is nice for being spawn place of muun monsters (other good places below master level are icarus and kalima5).

          You should try to farm at least 500b budget to properly equip an ABK at master level. Socketed weapons with the right seeds are expensive but they grant ABK great power, to the point that they are actually a higher priority

        • DeMolay
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          Thanks BBRG! you're the man!

      • Hellos guys
        Im back now to the game, and started a new noobie bk (my old dream = have a nice bk ), now a i have time do play with this class and i want to know a way to go...agi, strg? Whats the better build to survive and up alone? And what the best set to buy for the lvl 220~~?

        The char ir very low lvl now, just 220 = 4xx strg; 4xx agi, 201 stam, 1xx ener

        Thanks a lot


        • (VM)Javiercar
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          Recomendations from the post avobe are valid for yours too. For leveling, your way to go is str-ene early, adding a bunch of agility once you move to level up on elemental maps (which currently grant the best XP/s)

      • Hi! I'm kind of a returning player (i was like 10 when I last played this game, and I don't remember anything) I'm currently lvl57. I know this is very low, because of the comments in this topic, but for me leveling is time-eating. maybe 3-4 levels/hour. Is that really normal? My build RN: 171 str, 94 agi, 32 stm, 66 ene. I'm following the other topic in this category: The best leveling spots. Is there any way to make leveling faster?
        Is it worth doing the repeatable quests?


        • Originally posted by Prop View Post
          Hi! I'm kind of a returning player (i was like 10 when I last played this game, and I don't remember anything) I'm currently lvl57. I know this is very low, because of the comments in this topic, but for me leveling is time-eating. maybe 3-4 levels/hour. Is that really normal? My build RN: 171 str, 94 agi, 32 stm, 66 ene. I'm following the other topic in this category: The best leveling spots. Is there any way to make leveling faster?
          Is it worth doing the repeatable quests?
          In general, yes they are, depends a lot if the monster you are arranged to hunt has a good spawn point where you can hunt multiple of them semi-afk or not. And afk is the key part... leveling is slowly, and most of the time doesn't require human interaction, so it is common to just leave afk your char while being active for trading, events, quests, etc.
          My Youtube Channel:


          • More than 2 years and 100 master levels later than my previous post here I am again and still can't AFK solo in Ferea.

            My goal: AFK in Ferea.
            The problem: Cannot really live there with more than 3 mobs, I cannot kill fast enough, they damage me 3XX-4XX elemental.

            My current level is 697 and build (used 116 fruit points, 11 left):
            708 (defense 2073)

            My gear:
            - Pair XAA+13 FO
            - Vic Max + Max Exc G+B+HP+Ref
            - 3rd Wings +15+16 attack
            - Pentagram: Kundum Magic Spell+9 (Anger, Blessing, Integrity Rank1 +7)
            - I have three items with life/8, xdmg, etc

            Discussing with (VM)Javiercar he gave me the following advices at that time, here is how I approached them:

            [Not done yet] Wings damage, I would put at least 15 points there. The boost their give is so good.
            [Done] AG, as you suggested in 4), I like the idea of spamming that new OP stab
            [Done] About your 3), knowing that every vit point gives you 3HP, add points there or on ML hp depending in which one grants you more
            [Almost done, have not added Absorb life because of this discussion] In third tree I will follow the route of 1 sword mastery, then life regen on kill, min dmg, max dmg and absorb life.
            [Done] Agility feels enough? I wouldnt mind having 800-ish.

            My master tree is here.

            I have 9 points to be used in the tree, but I am stuck with no ideas on where to progress or what to do next. My sole idea is to try to upgrade my Pentragram to Lemuria's Orb with 4 slots and add a Divinity to have some more elemental def rate and luckily be able to AFK in Ferea.

            Any ideas on what to do are welcome! Thanks!


            • Ha1ryElbow
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              Hi. You don't have any point in new HP. I think it's worth it.
              Do you use pets constantly?
              Later, after Ferea - there is no point in pets. They die every hour. Nix, DDs are too hard for pets.
              So you can safe 20 pts, by removing them from durability. But it's radical method Some still like pets.
              Errtels - there is nothing to talk about. Higher = better. Blessing = Def errtel, try to find this one or even 2nd+4th if possible.
              Lemuria, Kundun blade and Stronghold are def pentas. Last 2 can be better.
              Also I would say, that your set is not good. I don't know - how much difference with DA in DEF, but in DMG you will get a nice boost. My guess. I never had opportunity to compare Vic max vs Ada.

            • Malignize
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              Thanks for your comments. I am not using pets, that is an interesting trick to removing durability, but it is indeed radical one, I will think about it. I am looking for a Lemuria 1234, but it is hard to find it on the market. For the set now it is a hard time for me to change it, I have few blesses for the moment, so I will stick to the Vic Max. Anyway, thanks once again!

            • Ha1ryElbow
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              Buy Guardian Stronghold or Kunduns Blade. While lemuria gives you fast amount of def, egs and kmd will increase 5% from you normal def, which can be higher, than amount from lemu. And you have potential to increase it eventually.
              If you will remove pet durability, remove pend/ring as well. It was never broken before I was repot.

          • any tips where i can get new weapon/armor (already geared devias merchant stuff)


            • Someone can tell me if the Death Stab proficiency still gives a DoT chance to the Death Stab or they changed? Thanks in advance.


              • Is there any gear/weapon guide for bk like 100-300 lvl 300-400 e.t.c ? When anc is best time to wear and when switch to socket items?


                • MGMGsMGaMGMGrMGaMGpM
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                  aim for hyon set vic armor and pants or vicious set hyon, they are cheap nowadays. Ancient is best for training/leveling while socket set are best for pvp. Socket weapons are also best for leveling once you reach level 380.

              • Anybody can tell me if the Fire Blow when used as a combo finisher it hits 3 times or just once like the Death Stab?
                Thanks in advance.


                • Ha1ryElbow
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                  3 times, with a small chance 4

                • R4ijinmeister
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                  Interesting Ha1ryElbow. I saw some vids and was testing on a private server that has most of the skills working and always seemed that the FB when used as a finisher don't added the extra hits.
                  Thank you.

              • Hey there fellas BK BM and DK already.I am back to the game after 2 years pause and have to learn all again about builds and differences.If someone help i will be apriciated.So i planning to make SBK for PVM only.Solo grinding is hard and not so effective in lvling but i wanna survive alone while my party disband while i am afk for example
                My current progress is :

                371 lvl
                1349 str
                375 agi
                30 sta
                350 ene
                rest in STR

                gear: VIC +9 +4 def with xGreat Draron Gloves xDark Phoenix boots
                pendant with hp rec. xDMG and wiz speed +7
                ring DD + zen
                pair xKB +7 (one with hp/8 xDMG and 2nd with mana/8 7 speed)

                penta Kundun Madness blade wind 123 without any ertels in for now
                BK wings of chaos 2.5 +16 dmg
                def: 685 ( kinda low tbh)

                With this build and setup i farm solo in Alcmaar Earth without any pots while spamming Death have AG or Mana issues (for sure i setup condition skill cyclone while 2 monster attack me if i go out of AG to cover my ass).So 450 exp/sec is my avg depends how many monsters will escape.

                When i reach 380 what option is better for me and this setup, pair flamberge (and what to put in sockets) or Bone Blades?Or better option to invest in high def Gloves/Boots.My budget is not too good so i looking for cheapest option.If i got Flameberge with AG and mana cost, do i can spam Stab without mana/8 pendant?If i choose Bone Blades definitely i will need mana/8 pendant may be and life/8 too...So guys help me with your expert opinions.

                Thank you guys for helping me.
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                • Defaultname
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                  Just personal opinion not expert, flames can help you if you have low ene and want to go dmg seeds + 1 or 2 ag cost seeds, in your case on a budget I would just go 500 or 600 ene (no more ag recovery problems at low and medium agility stats / attack speeds) as final build on level 400, rest of the points to agi or str and save your jewels for good wings.
                  Socket weapons aren't that great without good seeds and bone blades won't help you much for leveling.

              • Hi guys, EBk is still worth it at ML? Or which opt is the best for soloing on stats build?


                • Metalix
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                  str type is for solo or agi type
                  ene type is for party

              • someone can help?