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  • You didn't mention your build, but Im guessing you lack some agility, nowadays, due to elemental system being inherent in every aspect of Mu online, most chars have at least 600 agility or more.
    I appreciate that you refrain from dupped errtels, but you can get at least some rank 1 +4-7 relatively cheapy, go for them as they would still improve your survability
    lvl 10 spheres are dupped too, I would go for xBAs

    Good luck!
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    • ohsorry, well my build is:

      Agility: 741
      Stam: 49
      Energy: 378
      i figured the spheres were duped too. ok i'll go for xba's thanks! rank 3 777's arent duped are they?


      • All errtels are duped, but webzen probably wont ban you for it unless you’re trying to sell them.


        • Hi all!

          I'm having some AG regen issues and looking for help...

          lvl 600 BM
          str 1557
          agi 496
          eng 402
          sta 51
          Skill tree heavy on green and blue (don't have Max AG increase yet)

          XDA+11 (non ruud)
          XBA swords
          Lyra Fire+9 12345 (no Errtels)

          Any suggestions how to up AG regen? Would simply changing weapons to Flameberge + AG sockets do the trick? i'd have to give up the XBA swords...

          Thanks for any help!


          • With that conf adding just Max AG should fix it without needing to switch weapons, since your attack speed is not that high for your ene.
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            • If you have high energy pool don't waste points on max mana/ag increase, go for ag recovery and energy increase instead.


              • Hi Guys,

                I have a quick question about Fire Blow skill. I have a lvl 511 BM with these stats: 1500/313/base/600 that always levels with a ee. I have completed the green tree with 10 points each (was aiming for Durability Reduction for imps/dinos and Lvl 3 wing powup). Now that im done with that and with some 11 points to spare I was wondering if its worth going for Fire Blow or not.

                I read a few post ago that its not worth it anymore as its been nerfed in 12.2, and that lowbies like me should continue using Deadstab. So here I have the possibility of going for fireblow and get the HP boost on the way, or just complete further with 20 points the green tree (wings and stats).

                I want this char as a party killer, nothing more than that. Since the ee can take more or less of his survability, I want to focus on firepower (and stamina) mainly.

                Thanks people, any advice would be appreciated


                • Good evening!

                  BK PVM to upar, where to distribute the points?

                  I am currently level 347, and my points are like this;

                  Strength: 1396
                  Agility: 348
                  Stamina: 50
                  Energy: 160

                  it's good? and level 400 as it should be?

                  If anyone can help, I'm grateful ...


                  • Looks good, the points into stamina might not be that necessary for PVM, but its not a super big deal

                    you might find some ideas and other player's perspectives in a thread dedicated to DK:
                    WEBZEN or a Volunteer WILL NEVER ASK for your account info OR in-game Items!


                    • thank you


                      • Energy feels a bit too low, it not only raises mana/AG (which I guess you probably have issues, might depend on your gear though). I would add at least up to 300 ene, agility maybe up to 500 and rest str.

                        Anyway, set and items detail might help for more specific advise, cheers!,
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                        • MCARNAGE
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                          I understood, I'm currently using
                          Dark Phoenix Boots/Gloves +7+12+RATE+DD
                          2 Destruction+0+mana e life
                          pendant xdmg
                          Wing lvl2+7+16

                        • (VM)Javiercar
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                          Then you are fine by the stats avobe, as BBRG stated below, the latter the game goes on, the less relevant STR gets, yet, in the meantime still your main stat to pump some points at, your points and quest ones should definately go more into agi/ene. GL

                      • At the higher level of play upping STR is largely pointless nowadays with all those crazy ATK from socketed or ruud weapons. It's better too boost AGI for speed and defense or ENE for higher riser and sustain. Oldschool PvM type (1.5k STR, 300+ ENE) is kind of obsolete as the setup don't complement well with the better weapons and skills available.

                        However, if you have a poor-man setup the build is still quite effective if you ask me.
                        Better builds usually go enough STR for fireblow only.
                        Pure STR glasscannon build is an exception but it is quite useless without p2p buffs.

                        For solo play it is best to up AGI since it will help a lot in elemental maps. As melee character trend to take a lot of hit getting high defense is important, it is much likely to get stuck with low AGI build because the entry-level item requirements are much higher. With high defense, you can permanently use pet to make up for the lower ATK which will grant both high ATK and high speed, it is the best way to go although this become exceptionally powerful only with expensive items that synergize with the build.

                        Compared to an unplanned build, a build with proper synergy that utilize specific items is way more powerful, that could do pretty much everything better.

                        Actually you can go with very low energy and still have sustain, the problem is that item cost is much higher that way.


                        • MCARNAGE
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                          I understand, I prefer to play solo afk, I do not have time to stay in the game, thanks for the help ...

                      • Greetings MUtizens!

                        Im looking here for advice, Im 385 BK heading to 400 in a week or so, mainly i play solo now and I wanna stay solo for afk in high maps. So far i dont have many jewels since i started to play on Midgard few weeks ago.

                        My set:///////////////////////////////////////////My stats (no quest points from 380/400 included)
                        Vic+7+5///////////////////////////////////////// Str: 1200
                        xDP (B)(G)+7+dd////////////////////////////// Agi:540+ (600 at lvl 400)
                        Wings 2nd lvl +7+12///////////////////////////Vit: base
                        2x xKB+7+12+xdmg///////////////////////////Ene: 400 (448 at lvl 400)
                        Iron Shield of Magic (wind, base)

                        With that set and stats i have 650+ def and its so hard for me to solo anywhere higher than Aida1 HS, I have too low dmg for harder monsters and too low def to afk anywhere higher... My question is, what should I improve or do when i reach 400 lvl with savings of 40B at the moment. I'v been thinking about getting pendant mana+life to improve my hp regen since im getting too much dmg or maybe i should:
                        1) Try to buy Titan (B)+(G)+9+3s as a def approach + cheap seeds (any suggestions?)
                        2) Should i try to improve Vicous to +9 (no luck, is it even worth it?)
                        3) is 600 agi enough for me to play solo on hard maps? cause i wanna spend my quest points in ENE and use all create points into ENE
                        4) Please, any suggestions what should i do to be able to get EXP when i reach 400 lvl, becouse now with my stats and my set theres no hope for ML exp places... Maybe i should give up vicous and use GD+14 for a while?

                        Thanks in advance for all responses and ideas. Let's make this badboy gain some EXP on ML ^_^


                        • Flamingo92
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                          Thanks for your reply BBRG, I find it pretty useful what you wrote there. Do you think that best way for me is to pump all my stats and juice's into agility? and if yes, it appears like i can have around 1k agi, then should i go straight to fire blow at my ML tree?

                        • Defaultname
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                          Just buy wing 2.5 at first and trade your pend+current wings to a mana+life pendant or sell the pendant + wings and try to go 1 of your KBs + xdmg +jwls for a a KB +xdmg+life and you should be ok even ubaid after 400 with 600 agi and your current pentagram. Flameberges seeded and wings of storm cost way too much, more than you can legally obtain in a short time frame. You can farm for dinos or papers as hard as you can but that doesn't guarantee that you'll also find buyers for them fast. Just go for better wings and and the cheapest life/8 item addition that doesn't decrease your dmg too much.

                        • BBRG
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                          Going for fireblow will force you to increase the AG cost of deathstab, which is a huge thing to consider. Without proper gear you can level up the MST skill and become weaker than before due to the increased AG cost.

                          If you have AG reduction weapon and can afk in debenter at level 400 (which require roughly ~1k def, ideally 1.1k+), go for fireblow first and if not, get defense and pet first. Enough defense and dino imp will boost your farming efficiency and level up speed much better. They are also great enabler for events such as devil square, as you may solo ds4 using dino angel once you have pet strengthen and 3rd wings +9. Without pet durability they die too fast that would be impractical to play.

                          I think you can skip upgrades that are unimportant, although pair flames with the right options and 3rd wings may cost 200b+ each piece, they offer the highest powerup per cost. Especially pair flames with skill damage and socket bonus are entirely on a different power level compared to pair KBs, that are well worth the price tag. Using +9+12 or lower with Lv1~4 seeds is the most practical.
                          At the lowest budget I think you can create pair +7 with Lv1 seeds for something like 250~300b.

                          2.5 wings do not offer much power increase in terms of damage, it just have higher absorb compared to 2nd wings. I think that isn't a good idea as it will not really increase your ability to farm faster. Killing stronger monsters will actually slow down jewel drops from farming unless you are dealing superior damage, that's why you should aim for the socket weapons for now. They are the prerequisite for farming stronger monsters without sacrificing income, instead improve it.

                      • So, I have around 1k bless to invest into my bk and wanted to buy weapons since I already have decent wings for him.

                        I found a pair of Flameberges really cheap with no seeds in them but started to wonder if I should bother to start buying ss for them or if the bless would be better spent on a pair of BA swords instead. I see a lot of them with xdmg and 42 dmg for around 400b or so.

                        Does the high damage on those sword win out over the skill damage and xdmg on socket swords at high levels or do socket items still maintain their value if you are willing to spend a lot on them?

                        Any info would be appreciated before i spend so much. My str is only 1090, and agi around 800, ene about 400 if that helps. Also i have a bit of coins left and have considered adjusting my build if that changes things at all. Thanks.


                        • Little update to post #253, and new questions.

                          I managed to buy pendant life+mana it helps me a lot, now i can afk in Alkmaar - devilfairys and beasts. Also I already bought Bloodangel G and B+L+dd42 and upped them to +9, but im still lvl 392 (not rushing for 400 since im low on jewels anyway).
                          Do the devilfairys provide master exp?

                          My stats are now 1200/600/base/400. I slightly changed my plan and now Im willing to go for 1200/rest/base/500, what do you think guys? and last thing,
                          I bought on market 2x Flamberge 7+L+S for 12b total but they only have 2 sockets each sword, is it worth to put in them cheap seeds 2x xdmg+skilldmg? or should i sell them and try to get 2x3soc but with my budget it will take ages T_T


                          • BBRG
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                            At master level only monster above level 95 will give you exp, so all monsters in alkmaar are out of the question, you need to kill in ubaid or swamp, there is one fallback plan that is killing ash slaughterer in vulcanus which is the weakest Lv100 monster, however you cannot afk on that map due to pk and elite monsters.

                            With the xba items you should be able to survive in ubaid without much trouble, but without socket weapon with skill damage you may not be able to kill them fast enough.

                            Although 2 socket are weaker they are not unusable, you may use them and wait until seed sale event come again (which removes the jewel requirement for extracting a seed, which is important to get ss4 socket bonus) and switch for 3socket pair when opportunity comes. 3 socket are just better even no luck no skill may be used. At the higher levels you would never use weapon skill to farm.

                            At its weakest ss1 no bonus the skill damage (30) seed pair give you 60~90ATK which is still a lot stronger than your KBs, If you have ss4 (50) with ss4 bonus (22) it will be 144~216 for pair just from the skill damage seed and socket bonus. So a properly configured pair is way stronger although they may be difficult to make. You should also decide how many AG reduction seed to use, at your energy I recommend one (the other fire seed maybe speed or Lv/20). You may not feel the need now but it will greatly help later when you strengthen the deathstab which is inevitable.

                            If you use xba swords I believe they need to be +13 (with joh skilldmg+22) to be comparable to +7~+9 flames with ss4 bonus, and the repair cost of flames are lower as you do not need them to be over +9+8 retaining cheap repair cost while being powerful to use.

                            Amount of energy is personal choice. More energy give more damage and HP while more agility give more defense and speed, for farming/event maps mainly I recommend higher AGI as pet longevity is important for efficiency, and the biggest issue in event or elemental map solo is usually defense related.

                          • Flamingo92
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                            Hmm so maybe I will just pomp all points into agility and stay with 400 ene. Tho, is it possible to get bonus option with only 2 sockets in weapon? I guess I will stay for a while with this swords since they will be cheap to finish, and from now on I will save money for 3rd wings and better flames later, also I will wait for that event you mentioned. As always thanks for response!