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[Class Guide] All About Dark Knight

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  • What do You mean?


    • I am sure there are not better stattus for a char, it depends of your weapons, lvl and wings.



      • As explained countless times, best build and setup doesn't exist; PVM consist of ABCDEFGH etc... When you may have the optimized setup for doing "A", you won't have the best setup for doing "B" at the same time.

        For the most part, pro characters only do ONE thing each and make sure it is the best on that field. Boss hunter only do boss hunt, cc character only do cc, event runner only run events, farmer only AFK on spot.


        • Originally posted by BBRG View Post
          As explained countless times, best build and setup doesn't exist; PVM consist of ABCDEFGH etc... When you may have the optimized setup for doing "A", you won't have the best setup for doing "B" at the same time.

          For the most part, pro characters only do ONE thing each and make sure it is the best on that field. Boss hunter only do boss hunt, cc character only do cc, event runner only run events, farmer only AFK on spot.
          Wow there is a lot to know on this game


          • since you want to be a pro PvM, BK you should get the highest damage, its possible. But unfortunately I play SM, so lets wait for some pro BK tips


            • I was wondering what will be the next good 1h sword after "exe sword of destruction" so I should just up these sword for now. I'm level 206 btw. (I'm using normal set ascrow from the quest)


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                After 380 you can use flames.

            • After SOD i guess its Knight Blade, but i am not sure since i don't play bk.


              • Just get two SoD+Xdmg+Life and then focus on ancient set, wing and pendant.


                • Hello guys.
                  Im new in the game, and I would like to know who is the best bk build at season 12 to PVM? ( im leveling in party with MG and DW)
                  (I like damage rsrsrs)

                  At the moment my stats: (LVL 326)

                  STR : 1088
                  AGI : 310
                  VIT : 25
                  ENE : 300

                  I has Hyon set +0 , Wing 2,5.
                  What i need to complete my equipaments?

                  (sorry my bad english, im brazilian.)
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                  • what is the best set(PVM) for SBK lvl 300?


                    • If you have hyon set already pair with exc lightning sword +xdmg+mana, buy vicious set and use vicious full and add hyon 3 parts to get 20% double damage.
                      If you want to level up solo in alkmaar, you can use normal dragon +15+L or great dragon+13+L and use pair SOD or pair KB.

                      To get the highest firepower buffed by ee, use rave set and exc daybreak.

                      If you have AGI hybrid with very low energy, use berserker or kantata+clould, pair SOD or KB with +xdmg+mana.
                      If you have focus STR and low ENE and AGI, use +13~+15+x+L normal set.

                      AGI hybrid is the most efficient farmer for solo, because of imp/dino longevity (low AGI build won't last for hours, but AGI build can last for days afk 24/7). But this character has the high item cost when budget is concerned. +xdmg+mana pendant is a must-have for this kind of build, the lower energy the more mana weapons you need.
                      AGI hybrid is the only build that can easily solo higher map hotspot potless no xshop and can't die. Other build will easily be dead if you lag or a lot of monsters hit you at once.

                      Higher energy build don't need that many mana recovery, therefore much cheaper to equip. However you lack defense that's a big problem for using pets. Because high energy give stronger health buff and bigger riser that boost buff effects, this have the best synergy with party - providing better survivability without sacrificing damage.
                      Energy hybrid has the highest firepower when buffed. Solo is also possible with some HP/8 items.

                      Focus STR have highest firepower on solo mode, but he is so fragile that without xshop he is impractical to solo in higher maps.
                      Any of the above can ks bc, the more buffs you get the more important AGI and ENE stats become. Without buffs, SBK is strongest. Even with buffs, SBK may still have a slight advantage at ksing, although the cost to run is much higher.

                      For gaion and ds, agi hybrid has significant advantage when equipped with high end equipments and a build designed to complement with those items.

                      In the end they may have similar performance in dps but differ in class attribute.
                      AHybrid is TANK class
                      EHybrid is SUPPORT class
                      SBK is GLASS CANNON class

                      Each have their unique advantages over the others. Which is best? There is no best as you will always be inferior at something.


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                        Nice man! thank u so much!

                        but at the moment im 391 and stats is

                        and idk where i put my points ( i has 99 points to click )

                      • Indigomist3231
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                        Hi again BBRG, so if I'm BK lvl 285 with >


                        Planning to go a long way into Agi (hybrid STR/AGI) ENG max at 300 as I think.

                        Now got 2nd wings and some cheap xSOD *2 other was just from quest. I'm should be looking for penta 180 and some SOD with mana that is I know but I'm not so sure about the armor set. Vic+xdragon? berserker or kantata+clould? or just normal GD set? I playing alone and planning to solo also all the way.

                        Thank you in advance for the help and info , you always written in great detail I love to read your post alot

                      • BBRG
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                        When you play a melee class as BK, you probably want to feel strong charging into large amount of monsters fearlessly, AGI is the answer for that need. You don't sacrifice dps for it if you are using high end equipments because of the defense for using pets, and the speed multiply the power of your items.

                        Vicious+hyon is ok but you will have to drop the hyon set in favor of socketed weapons after level 380. Just vicious is fine using xba gloves and boots for ubaid/debenter afk. Berserker or cloud+kantata are budget sets that can probably deal more damage in average, but at a lower defense that may make afk in elemental maps more difficult (it's a non-issue after reaching ML def increase).

                        The biggest hurdle playing AHybrid is item cost. You need pair flameberges and they cost like 300b+ each one for the options you must be using.
                        You need AG reduction to spam ruud skill in event map and higher maps due to your fast speed, running out of AG or mana render your speed useless.

                        Luckily, high AGI characters are the best farmers and event runners that you may raise that amount of jewels with enough patience.
                        Properly equipped you will be so strong at both attack and defense it's hard to comprehend, reaching power like a hundred levels in advance, then farm with extreme efficiency thanks to that power.

                        Once you learn ruud skill at level 460 you should be strong enough for playing bc and ds.
                        Using xba+zen+L and pair flames is probably the best way to farm before reaching Lv491, the minimum level to get ruud skill and defense increase.
                        After level 510 you will have ruud skill and pet strengthener 10, that may afk in nars using +life+mana pendant and dino imp combo.

                    • Hi guys...

                      Thats a post about a forgotten build, also one I think is "deprecated": I am an ABK.
                      Let me make the things worst: I play f2p (mostly), I am completelly against to use black market and my STR is not enough to learn Fire Blow.

                      The game was amazing previously to reach ML, I could go all events solo, the character could use a card board set (a cheap Kantata+Raves H and P did the trick) and by "comboing" I could to level up not as fast as a DL or SBK, but at least at a decent rate.

                      On watch sets to post 380 I have seen that Brave and Lazy Wind does require less than 500 ST to wear, same applies to Sword Breakers and Sonic Swords so these items gave me some hope that a build without RUUD skill should be viable, was really cool to solo the 400 quest and also to participate from Tormented Square regardless being accept or not on a party.

                      So... Master Level come and the fun gone away.

                      All monsters has a ton of HP, my plan was "to fix" the damage using Master Tree (The name of the second area "Bravery" made me thought that does exist some relationship with the Brave set and ABKs), but to level up is a torture and to make the things worst I needed to expend 10 points on that Attack Rate skill to just after start to buy damage to my character (errr... Does someone know that ABKs are ALREADY a pudding of Attack Rate?)

                      The things got worst after I notice that Socket Sets are a lot expensive. Well... "Theorethically" with all my def rate mobs should not hit me, but looks like Acheron mobs (and also maze of dimensions ones) does not respect Def Rate rules, so, they hit and my set get damaged (more four expensive ML points that instead of go to damage needed to go to Tree 1 on Item Durability perk).

                      Finally I began to invest on damage, going down on Bravery Tree... But after place the first point on the second DS upgrade the AG cost blows out, before, I could combo with a filled bar, now, I am screwed with a weak Ciclone until get enough AG to trigger combo. I know about First Tree AG recover but this will put me 30 levels (and ML Points) far from reach Blood Storm and MAYBE get my character to a status where would be fun to play.

                      This is a pre season 12 update situation, so, could you specialists (And maybe GMs, VLs) tell me if you are considering make ABKs playable again? Of course I am not waiting ABKs get the same PVM capabilities of a DL, but allow customization and comdemn players that try something a bit different to get no advantage is not a nice way to encourage build tries and discoveries.

                      Thank you!


                      • Megaraizen
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                        Thanks by the input BBRG.

                        Kantata + Cloud will not make so much difference regarding critical unless I get all pieces with Luck (something my Brave has), this, the Vicious and also the 3rd wing needed to make use of the first Tree perk is sort of unobtainable at nowadays market prices (if you play on Mid is probably aware from this) the same applies to Ex Dam Rate seeds.

                        The reset tree quest unfortunatelly are not doable to my char, the Dark Mammoth bypass my def rate (~1142) as a hot knife on butter and kill me in one hit. I can just deal with the initial mobs on Raklion (I started the quest anyway, it is on my TODO list). This was one of my bigger disappointments with the build: Until investing everything on defense, it is not enough to offer me freedom to hunt for items on all maps of the game.

                        As you told, my build is wrong for leveling. BUT checking out the incoming changes for S2/2 and the stun removal from Deathstab on tree 2 the build will also lost power to PvP and Combo Upgrade will be sort of obligatory to achieve on tree 2, becoming the only 8th tier perk on it, so, my hopes now are that MU designers are planning on at least offer a small chance of such builds still appearing on the game.


                      • BBRG
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                        Actually, you don't need luck option on the ancient parts with kantata+cloud. If your breakers have ss3 (which you should at least have, better aim for ss4) and exc pend +xdmg+mana, you will have 44% exc damage. Cloud option will work on exc proc because xdmg is always critical, and boost your critical rate by 20% compared to 25% of your lucked brave set. As a result the cloud option will work more than 50% for the hits you made even if the entire set plus weapons and wings don't have luck option.

                        It is very effective to avoid making minimum damage, I may make a video of my brother's Lv340+ ABK below ML soloing bc and ds later with no buffs, you will be amazed how cheap the set is for its performance.
                        It is the synergy of the build and set that make this practical, agi points cover your def while set and weapon options make up for the low ATK taking full advantage of the fast attack speed.

                        To do the dark mob quest you need high level players to help. Getting hp/dd set on your own is also an option, just expensive and not quite useful. Go with high level EE or ASM or just a powerful solo hunter (who activated but don't complete that quest) to help with your quest.
                        ABK who can't use fireblow train fastest in party with ee.

                        I saw storm wings +9 or below costing under 180b from time to time which I don't think it is that difficult to get (when compared to pair swordbreakers that worth 200b+ each),
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                      • Defaultname
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                        I honestly don't know what you talking about it's not great
                        I've got a bm 303str 2010agi base sta base ene in lvl 400 after q3 and 0/127 create points.
                        Went straight to nars after q3, you need to lvl with combo though
                        I used berserker + pair sword breakers (the green ones)
                        Was also preparing to try the magnus/magmus peer (the agi socket spear) with a rave set, just need more points in str (can add with creation fruits some more) for the rave armor.
                        Except that, I don't know work on seeds for the weaps, work on gettin better wings.Not much to do to improve dmg, except get a legal punish errtel (good luck with that ^^).
                        Too bad to use fire blow you need to add the required str and reset back...
                        As for future builds for abk, season 13 for example , I like 1200str 1500agi a lot for everything, pvp, pvm, boss hunts, ofc at lvl 900+ and with proper gear.

                    • Hi all, i back to the game after some years (sry for mi bad english xd) dnot know many thinks, but me BM is lvl 419 Wings of storm +9+16 Set XDragon +11+4+DD+HP +20def JOH (armor normal +11+16+L) Knight Blade +9+8+lvl20 and Dragon shield -+9+dd+dr Build ; 745-1019-350-350.... I wanna still with me Xdragon . any tips ¿?


                      • hi guys,
                        anyone still playing?^^...i need help! anyone has a list of mace type weapons please preferably high level mace type weaps including socket weaps. thanks in advance!


                        • Defaultname
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                          Horn of Steel is the highest damage mace and the only one with sockets. Lower crystal I guess, but the damage gap is huge.

                        • AweSome08
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                          thank you so much...

                      • Hi lvl 594 here, comming back from a break and am looking at upgrades, so far my items are
                        Wings - +15+16dmg
                        Pendant - EDR+Life+ATK
                        Set- ABA+9+7+16
                        Weapons 2x Flame+9+16+lk+EDR (one with life and ag reduction one with skill and attack speed)
                        Penta - norrwen lyra 12345 no errtels +0

                        I want to be able to afk in Nars, and with the talk of "duped" errtels I don't know how to procede getting them because I can't afk there without them.
                        also what wepaons do i get? flame +15 with the new lvl 10 seed spheres? are the lvl 10 ones duped too? or should i upgrade to XBA with edr and life?
                        Thanks for any info you have I'm excited to be back they have made alot of improvements.