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  • Alfheim DW Item Advice

    1)I started in Alfheim is a good choice ?
    2) Im 190Lvl Dw and i have 100Bless.What should i buy my chracter for this? (Staff,pendant ,Rings,Amor set ) could you recommended please?(For 100Bless)
    3)Which Skills should i use for farming and lvl all of them has a low damage
    4)i Learned 2 two type pentagrams fire or wind pentegram.Which should i prefer and how to get them
    5)Dw is good for pk castle siege or something like that or i should play BM

    Also i have Elf for farming

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    1. Play wherever you want, there is no good or bad choice, some are full, others are empty, each has their own pros and cons;
    2. Lvl190 and 100b? Haha, I see you are keeping black market alive. I don't know Alfheim prices, so I can't recommend items based on your budget, sorry;
    3. Flame. If your mana cannot sustain it, you need an exc staff or pendant with mana/8 (or maybe both);
    4. Doesn't make much difference the element you use that early in the game, you better get them from other players, there are many lvl180 pentagram nowadays on stores because they dropped from last event, you can buy it cheap;
    5. There is no "pk'ing" in the game anymore. If you pk you might lose your valuable items as soon as you die being first level pk, so almost no one pks. You won't play castle siege so soon, so you shouldn't care about that either. Should you play BM? I don't know, play whatever you like.

    GL HF


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      1. I started on Arkadia 2 months ago after the break. A lot of space to exp and events. Market is kinda shitty. So you should look at what is important to you and if you have a lot of time to play active.
      2. Hehe, i did not know that you can farm that much on dev3 yeti:P. Well i have no idea what prices are on Alfheim but anubis+enis/heras should be a good option. Wings 2 lvl or 2,5 +13. Pendant +mana/xdmg weapon +mana/xdmg , depends on how much you need. Im not a SM player so no idea what staff is good. I have Dragon Soul +mana.
      3. Flame.
      4. No idea.
      5. You will have fun with SM after 450lv. BM is hard to lvl up solo. Easy to start and buy eq is Slayer (i got him 2 months, now its my main with 650lv). I want to go for a summoner next - she is crazy OP, but eq is expensive.

      All the best bro!