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Holyangel set upgrade to Awakening Soul set

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  • Holyangel set upgrade to Awakening Soul set

    Hi everyone,

    I started playing again and my character has a Holyangel set +11 +16 +luck and I want to start gathering bless to upgrade it in the future to Awakening Soul, but I don't remember if the luck is kept in the upgrade, I know the +11 +16 disappears, but the luck I cannot remember.

    On the website, it says that "When upgraded to Awakening Soul Set items, they will have the same class requirements and slots, but the Luck and "Increase All Stats" option may change.", but all the videos I watched on youtube had Holyangel items with luck and they kept the luck after the upgrade. Was it just luck or is the oficial website wrong about the upgrade?

    Thank you!

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    The luck is kept after the upgrade and the iten goes back to +0+0. You only loose de pink option in case you have it.
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