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question on the debuff explosion new tree

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  • question on the debuff explosion new tree

    i added the 10 points in debuff explosion section in the new tree i chose poison and it says affected by toxic explosion damage is aplied .
    i have 10 points in the first section 10 in skill grade 10/20 and 10/10 in add toxic poisoning magic feild
    i added the skill in the bot and put it first on list to attack skill says cooldown is 1 sec basic skill damage is 25000

    nothing happens no attack i see the skill being activated but zero nada nothing
    is this another webzen bug that it no work??

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    after testing the last 24 hours my problem just got worse
    ok i added the debuff explosion skill to my ee and like i said nothing
    but i went to sop map and all of a sudden it started to work like wowo 30kx2 not bad for ee
    so i started going to other maps and again nothing
    so i went back to sop and it works ^^^

    it totally bugged on my ee havent tried any other character yet but i dont think i will