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Looking for advice from SM's LVLs 1000++

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  • Looking for advice from SM's LVLs 1000++

    Dear Muitizens,
    I have some questions regarding SM.
    Everyone using meteor storm - I’m using that skill as well.
    Everyone using chilling debuff. I did not see any SM which one has poisoning debuff... is it bugged or just bringing no profit from use..??
    Is it better to freeze monters or piosin them? Anyway freezing on high map gives not too much because mobs attacking from long distance … even when they are chilled. Speed reduction doesn’t work as well as It could.
    Looking forward for any advices.

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    Hi bro.

    Poison debuff turns out to be a fixed number... and not a big one. You can always test by yourself and get back to us (I must admit that I didn't myself), but as far as I know the poison dmg isn't profitable at all.

    The chilling debuff in itself isn't that great either. But helps a little. As a well known player of GMO said: when it comes to taking and keeping a good spot, it all gets down to positioning. So if you manage to get in a position on the spot, where you can still hit most of the mobs respawning there, but forcing some of them to move a few coordinates to get in place to attack (this includes the range hitters too), you can freeze them gaining a few seconds for your party (or for yourself if you are solo). Sometimes, that's all what is needed for a sustainable level up process.

    But yes, debuffs in general aren't that great. Regardless, you are forced to jump on them to unlock some of the purple passives levels. But in Meteor Storm, chilling debuff is the best choice.