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  • Punish ?????????

    Hello i have a problem with punish.
    As you can see in the image my 10% critical from the lyra seems to be activated
    i play in nars so mobs are low in elemental defense.
    My anger errtel is 7,2,7 because i tried to make i 7,10,7 but u all know chances
    Can anyone plz tell me is the errtel that i cannot do critical elemental or is the fact that my emg doesnt have the appropriate agility ???

    thx for infos and your time.
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    you dmg elem in ferea

    (maxdmg elem x elem %) - (def elem x elem%)

    (1116 x 117%) - (1500x 90%)

    (1305) - (1350)= -45 (no critical)

    need min anger 777


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      ok your calculations seems to make sense
      but i told you i can not do critical not even in nars
      so whats wrong still remains
      is it a bug that i dont get critical 10% from lyra because my errtel is 7,2,7
      or is something wrong with my agility (is too low ?)


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        You have a problem with your anger errtel. As description says, It needs to be rank2 level 3 to give you 10% critcal, but your rank 2 option is just level 2. You need to make it 737 to get your 10% critical. On the left side of your image you can see you have the description: Crit Ele Dmg rate -. It should be 10% if your critical was active.
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          lol i never seen that before
          thats way i posted so many infos
          thx a lot for pointing that out for me m8 .
          although my penta shows the critical to be active but the mistake is there.
          i will tryy to make it +3 and let you know thx again