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    Can some one answer a few questions about Agility Magic Gladiator Please?

    1. Is he still good for anything at all? I just see people saying its useless.
    2. What is his role in the game nowadays? Pvm, pvp, support, boss killer, zen farmer, or anything else?
    3. What would be a good stat point distribution for a lvl 850+ amg?


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    Didnt play as aMG since more than 10 years but actually MG is one of the weaker char. The only way he's doing the job is for PVM but as an energy one, and generally as a KSer as there are other class that almost do same free damages.


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      The people who say AMG is weak clearly built or equip him wrong, thus failed to stay in 7+ mobs hotspot solo because they failed to achieve the required DPS or defense. It is extremely expensive to play solo character at the higher levels in terms of jewels, and training above level 800 is often a zen-losing business due to the cost of armor repair.

      AMG is a pure PVM tank class. His excellence is in terms of running cost and stability, thus he is one of the best event map solo runner. Not because he is better at killing things, the cost of killing things as AMG is lower than other classes for the most part, therefore as a hard-working hunter you can often earn much more jewels playing an AMG instead due to the higher profit margin.

      To maintain enough power (produce enough dps) to solo train in high maps, an AMG will need ruud set and wings that match his level, pair socketed weapons with AG reduction. This is not cheap, but with hardcore hunting it would be easier to obtain these items as AMG than most of the other classes.

      If you pay money to equip your character instead of trying to earn your gear from within the game, playing an AMG may be not a good idea.


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        Thank you both very much for sharing your knowledge.

        If anyone else has something to add I would appreciate it.