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    Hello everyone, i am a new player here in Helheim. I have a 300+ aRf and other 250+ characters (AE, ADL, AS GL, ABK). All characters dont really have that much items. I have lv1 rf cloak +7 hp4%, lv1 dk summ wing. Other exe items for characters. Recently lost 10 bless on that bless mining feature. Lol
    1. Which character should i use to farm? Zen, items, jewels.
    2. Where exactly should i farm?
    3. Should i focus more on leveling or should i stop somewhere?

    I can only login for maybe 16 hours afk. I also have gold channel access.

    I hope you can guide me through this as i am currently confused on which to focus.

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    Add info:
    i tried focusing on aRF but it cant farm zen fast due to repair cost for wings and weapons.
    should i trade all my items and just focus on AE?


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      You need to train 1st since you can afford training at premium servers because on that level with agi type build, consume's alot of ag. The best way for that level is to farm chaos and uniria then convert it to dino's to sell.


      • Martone
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        By "train", you mean level up? Which char should i focus on?

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        Sorry I was drunk when I reply to your post, yes you can level up 1st. All characters are good at high lvl once you can afk at elemental maps such as nars. I have an agL before and it reach 400 from hunting egg only.
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      I think I need to add a newbie section for my mu helper pickup topic as people do not realize they should pick up electric spark, firescream and summon scrolls (devias/dungeon/elbeland) or lightning shock parchment (losttower/atlans) and dump them to NPCs.
      You can also pick up symbols of kundun as they have high zen value per inventory space (70k zen per square is actually higher than all of the skill scrolls and parchments I've just mentioned, but it require 5 pickups to fill one square)

      If you hunt monsters above level 84 you will be able to pick up crest of monarch which worth 800k zen to the npcs.
      Monster above 100 and 108 drop raven and horse spirits that worth 1.5 and 3 million zen respectively.

      All of the above are common drops.
      Spirit map and mirror are of higher value but these fragments are rarer.

      When you want to farm you should care less about exp and find a place you can achieve high kill per second, each monster are essentially "box" you gain more by cracking them open faster. Preferably, it should be done by solo characters because no matter what you do, two solo farmers are going to outperform EE+whatever in terms of kill per second, if the solo farmers are geared properly.

      If you are completely broke you can always dino farm, speaking of dino farm here is my latest revision for high performance budget AE:

      NORMAL albatross or GRC +0+skill(+luck) (normal GRC require level 204, albatross is even higher. These two have weapon skill that shoot 4 arrows)
      Pendant +mana
      Argo set + Karis helm boots +0+0, or odin set (for AG increase)
      Imp and dino+AG increase
      (Merciless) gladiator dagger water type

      Although this is the extreme case, above 0,4kill per second is actually too fast for long afk as a dino farmer (and this is achievable only by AE and EMG on the D2 hotspot), if you pick up scrolls for zen you will run out of inventory space in 3 hours or less, that you may tag newbie character (in party) to pick up the skill scrolls instead, but that will be 2 characters. If you don't want to ks for hotspot you can always play in lesser spot at a lower budget.
      For example devias have hidden spots (in the middle of nowhere) with 3 spawns that can exceed 0.2kill per sec that they don't require mana pendant with an ice arrow AE, although not the fastest DK or AE below level 100 can reasonably farm these spots at as low as 1b budget.


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        Hello BBRG, doesn't the drop rate go down with high level characters?


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          There is no clear relation between drop rate and level of the character. However you shouldn't be killing monsters in total level gap (that you gain 0 or 1 exp when killing it) for the reason that it isn't worth it.

          A higher level character need to kill higher level monsters to become equally or more effective than a low level character due to the increased upkeep cost. It is the reason why I keep saying as a farmer, gear is the most important (to achieve higher kill speed at a lower level therefore higher farming efficiency), and that character level can work against you if you have no budget to buy gear. You shouldn't be farming dinos with a level 350+ character for example because you would just lose zen trying to do that, achieving little to nothing.

          You shouldn't be playing level 400+ character who wears complete trash either because it will just be a waste of time, better spend your budget for a new character and farm items/jewels from the ground up using decent gear for that character you can actually afford. Farm well to get the gear required for your higher level, only then you can farm with your higher level character. The difference of having correct and wrong gear for your character is extremely huge at ML, that amount to hundreds of character level difference in firepower. And as explained higher level character is worse for killing the same thing at the same speed, so if you rely on character level stats and skill points for character power you will just be extremely inefficient at hunting anything, in extreme case fall into a state of total inability at farming.

          Not having gear but rushing up character level is a common error that you will inevitably end up with high level character but it can't do anything reasonably well, and in turn stuck at a state that you can't afford the items to get out of this state.

          Of course if you are heavy p2p, you can pay during special events such that you can afford paying thousands of bless to equip your master level character, but this is going to be expensive in terms of real money. But for f2p or light paying users this is not an option, you either farm that bless or be very good at trading, or your high level character is going be trash... forever.


          • Martone
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            Thank you very much sir. I appreciate your thoughts on this. So, I decided to just focus on my AE. currently 274. My plan is to stay below level 299. Buy level 2 wing, excellent armors with DSR. Do you think this is a good plan?

          • BBRG
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            It's good. No need to stay below 299 unless you plan her as chaos castle only character... because from 300~380 she will still be extremely productive using low budget setup. After 380 you need to buy socket weapon for her... which can demand 200~300b budget for a single dark stinger with good options (preferably +0~+7+0+s+L+xdmgrate+skilldmg+agred ss4 or better), then you can farm in swamp of peace using just imp and full dsr set and rings (dino will be too expensive to use before you get pet durability at master level). You will have more than enough bless by the time she reach this level if you play in f2p.

            You can actually farm chaos in elbeland 3 or exc drb in kanturu2 until you reach level 380. One of my AE at this level range earned 100b during the last bomb event by farming the cards, she actually farmed over 700 bless by herself afk alone in 6 months or something and is still only level 370, killing elite grizzly facing many ks attempts, she become my MVP for the bomb event despite her equipment was of the lowest value among my farmers, and many ks attempts that last for days on the specific spot. The two e3 spots are so serious business that I faced RF and SM who used ruud skill at it during the event (indicating level 470+ they are not getting any exp at all ksing at this low level spot, losing large amount of zen for afk), but my AE still hold the spot firm enough to earn great profit farming the cards.

            Because AE don't really need much before level 380, once you get her a decent setup (with 30~60b budget) you may want to focus on equipping another character to do things other than afk.

            If you have 500~600b budget, you may properly equip an ML tank class (ABK/AE/AMG/AGL) for farming. If you have 1k bless budget for one ML character you may play attacker class like SM/EMG/DL and farm with them. A master level DL or SM with 500b equip will completely suck compared to an ABK or AMG with same budget in terms of performance. Compared to tanks, attackers are more expensive to play (more budget required to kill the same monster or boss or event entry), less stable at high level farming (much higher risk of dying to lag etc), but have much higher resistance against ks and have higher ceiling in kill speed. Although the actual kill speed difference is not very high when they have good setup and evenly matched value in equipped items, when under ks tank class is at a clear disadvantage at the higher levels (except AE and AGL that can actually ks in BC, but not in DS). I recommend a tank main if you want a treasure hunter (where they have better capability at the same budget, that achieve higher profit margin for the same investment), or an attacker if you want to focus more on winning ks or leveling up faster (good choice if you are already rich in jewels).

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          Hello again, BBRG!

          So, my AE is all set. Farming well in Elbeland 3.

          When you say equipping another char, am I creating that character in the same account or a separate one?

          If not, here are my current chars and I just can't decide which of these will be better to move forward with.
          318 aRF = Having mana problems even with mana pendant
          234 DL = I have 1.2k str, 342 agi 150 ene. This seem to be wrong?
          232 BK = Have 700 str, 300+ agi
          170 MG = STR build
          230 GL = 700+ str and agi

          Side questions:
          1. Why is it so hard to sell an RF Cloak +7 +4%?
          2. How come some farmers are literally not moving from a point? How can they loot? And my character keeps on moving to loot items zen etc.
          3. The golden dragon invasion time seem to be wrong. Do you know the correct respawn time?
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            I don't think there will be good reason to train different characters on the same account, unless you want to reuse items that cannot be traded but can put into vault (pentagram with no trade remaining, or items with JoH option). Normally, other character slots would only be used as additional storage space. Upping them to level 6 allow shop (for additional space) and level 10 can allow warp to basic maps, use of the chaos machine and other npcs, which can come in handy for pure storage characters.

            I don't play the game for you so it is you to decide who may be better, but I'd choose the class that has cheap equipment. All characters have pros and cons, the characters that are widely considered to be the strongest are often the ones who have the worst efficiency, only until you can afford some the most expensive items they will start to show their true value. As popularity affects cost of items the game is pretty much balanced by free market. Or in the case of ARF, is difficult to be trained before ML playing f2p. It can be done, but need a plan and that demands relatively high budget.

            I recommend tank class as first main character, because you can hunt deeper at a cheaper cost which means you will be less dependent on buying items, you can find essential items yourself, able to hunt eggs in more dangerous area or kill golden bosses at a lower level etc. A tank is just better at exploration and is better equipped for treasure hunt in general. Although, they can become pretty helpless against ks.

            Item demand is greatly affected by popularity. RF may be out of style at the moment, but they are still extremely strong when played properly.

            You can be specific about items you want to pick up and leave most of the less important items on the ground when using the MU Helper. Without this function in MU helper afk farming will not even work due to the amount of junk items wasting your inventory space, check my pinned topic. Especially in case of ks in low level spots, stop picking up zen is a common response, and some players don't pick zen to deter ks or because their zen drop amount is too small due to playing in a low spot with too high level character. In case of a party, the main attackers should not pick up zen or unimportant junk items so that they don't waste time to move around. Using a low level junk collector in party (who don't attack, only there to pick up junk items to throw at npc for zen) can boost exp gain, improve kill speed and reduce downtime of your farmer.

            For example, if you farm in elbeland you may want to have:
            "ox of" - box of luck and box of kundun (this is by far the most important keyword in most areas that can spawn golden mobs, it would be a shame if you killed some golden monsters and not picking up the boxes when you afk)
            "crol umm" - scroll of summon (125k zen sold to npc)
            "ign of" - sign of lord and mirror (sold to npc)
            "ymbo" - lost map (sold to npc. Kalima 3 and 5 are notable for skill hunt and egg hunt which you may want to keep a few, kalima 7 spawn kundun the boss himself)

            Which, only the first item in the list is critical that you would always want to pickup.

            Also you can reduce hunt range (not the item pickup search range) to prevent your character from chasing monsters. Shortening your hunt range at high level spots can be critical for achieving high efficiency for melee characters, by waiting the monsters to move towards you on their own, it will also reduce average travel distance to pick up dropped items because monsters will only die near you this way. Because melee characters trend to have significantly higher dps, a melee farmer with proper setup usually will not be farming slower compared to a character who shoot at a distance but have less dps in the later stages of the game, although much more vulnerable to ks attempt. This only apply to solo though, as party members distracting the monsters can stop them from getting close enough.

            Invasion time should be correct, check the server time (that is displayed at the official MU homepage) instead of your own time zone.