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    Hello guys ,i just hit lvl 700 and i try out Nixies Lake ,but i cant lvl here my dmg is rlly low and even defense is bad, im 2000 Agi and 1000 Str ,Kunduns Magic Spell Scroll 5slots and i have Bloodangel +11
    my question what i have to change ?

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    Since ADL rely on punish dmg, 1st thing you need to do is to purchase a Lyra. If you still can't manage to stay there you should probably go for a better set or lvl up ion party.
    However i think an ABA +11 is ok for DL if you can kill the mobs fast enough. Other thing you can do is to try to hit the mobs with some distance.


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      If you have decent wings, with that build and items you could go even lower on str, go for 717, and purchase lyra+KIT, your dl will be a monster.