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returning , some quick questions.

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  • returning , some quick questions.

    been a real long time.

    i have an agility lancer level 493 - dr set , and don't remember what skills to use, what mastery to go? Any tips on how to build?

    i made a summoner, but struggling to level. using fireball on yetis (free to play) , damage is just awful. I am wondering, what are the long term (not expensive but sufficient ) gears to get? Where can i get a normal book of lagle?

    how much zen is a bless worth?

    is gold ticket worth it? I know the xp is higher but is there any other benefit?

    is there a decent way to accumulate bless as a low end player? Like , jewels always had shitty drop rates but is there anything decent to afk that i can collect to sell for zen or 1b or so and gradually save up over time?

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    About AGL i can say nothing, because i don´t play. You tried the summoner? I have one lvl 510+ now and i love her so much It´s not the strongest char, but she is a good party supporter with her debuffs and aoe damage. But that depends on what you prefer to play (and btw i prefer stick on right hand and kris on left hand - because it`s faster, books have a good wzd dmg and extra options, but are very slow in your lvl). For the AGL ML tree, just take a look on , youtube videos, GuiaMuonline and other websites.
    Bless worth? It`s incredible how much the prizes rises in the last few years. On Helheim it`s 10 chaos = 1 Bless (i forget the price in zen atm, sorry 50 or 100 million zen?).
    Gold ticket: if you want to pay for it, it´s worth - higher EXP and MUCH higher drop rate (combined with seal of wealth / divinity (increase drope rate up to 150%) and Worn Horseshoe (up to 20%)), depends on spot and kill rate too, but you can get 10 Bless/day (if you are lucky) and you can farm for Crest of monarch and Dark Spirits (1.5 million zen at NPC) to get a lot of zen and then buy on market that bless for your farmed money. But its a long, hard way....
    That´s all for now and i hope i could help you a bit.

    Character: xMordrethx
    Server: Helheim


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      what realm do you play? if it's alf then post your ign and I will mail you ingame..


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      i play helhieim , ign is deeblance