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Wiz leveling question

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  • Wiz leveling question

    I've got ambitions of having a full party for level grinding later in game. Right now I've got a DK, DW, AE and EE while also leveling a 5th character for MG or DL. My question is for the DW should I use him as a killer ESM or go ASM for soul barrier buff while afk for long periods?

    Also, say I choose one but want to switch later in game how can I change stats?

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    Hi there, I think it all depends on your 5th char. Because you need a good killer to make you party worth it. If you are going to EMG or ADL then you can choose an ASM.
    But if you are going to build an SMG or AMG then you better stick with ESM. I'm actually playing an hybrid SM and he is doing pretty well, maybe you should consider an hybrid build.

    If you wanna switch build later you'll have to se x-shop and buy reset fruits and tree's reset scrolls