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possibility to get wing 3 (bound)

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  • possibility to get wing 3 (bound)

    i am thinking about buying a solution that cost 75k ruud . but i dont know how long it take to collect condor bubble to fulfill the solution . is that possible in 1 week?

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    for me, max 1 weeks for 8 mobs HS.. like nixie map.. 1x drop of a bubble is 2x distributed.. I tried it on condor solution it works will.. As long as it is designed to your desired characters..

    Special Note:

    All items you about to execute are all bound (Impossible to trade nor transfer to vault)

    Better carefully examine everything upon executing it.


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      how many bubble do i need


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        I think it is totally not worth it because of the price of ruud. In midgard 75k ruud is enough to buy most 3rd wings at +9~+11 and these have resale value. With bound wings you are stuck to upgrade it yourself with no trading options. If there is a way to unbound and that doesn't cost too much it may worth to try, but chance is you are going to regret it.

        If you are looking for rune master wings you may be out of luck though, I suggest you spend the jewels for something else until these wings become more common (their price will fall after events sooner or later). Wing 2.5 is not really that bad compared to 3rd... well unless you want to get wings ATK in MST. Instead invest your bless into ruud set or socket weapons.


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          i am playing in elorado, this sv is rare very hard to buy wing 3 sm ,i have to make myself 1 w3 can notr buy.