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advice for player who won't be playing 24/7

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  • advice for player who won't be playing 24/7


    I played MU when I was younger, back in 2003/2004 when MU was in its infancy. I played, then quit, then play again, kind of on and off. Well now I'm older and sometimes I just want to relive the old age of playing game, probably logging on for 3/4 hours a week max. I know that MU is a grindy game and requires a lot of time and effort if you want to get to higher level and good gear (even with the MUHelper) that I won't be able to commit a lot of time due to school, work, jobs, etc. My play style now is log on, train a bit, sell something, trade/buy stuff, then log off for a week. However, I still want to play this game as a DW (pretty bad choice for low level training but I like the class, and can't really play 2 characters all over again) once in a while just to feel the fun of it. I'm willing to spend about 5 dollars a month max to get through the largest obstacle of a newbie. How should I do this, what kind of items can I purchase to help me get some good gears/zen/jewel to start off?

    By the way, is there any guild that's accepting casual player like me, I would like to join once in a while for events/activities.

    Thanks for the response.

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    Hi there, if I were you I would wait for speed server and create a character then transfer it to your desired realm. A friend of mine is almost the same as you, he played in speed for 3 to 5 days from 1-400 level dark wizard class.


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      how often speed servers are made?


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        Speed server would still require AFK 24/7, at least for a few days or weeks.

        The only realistic way to play occasionally is playing chaos castle or devil square. Chaos castle have much lower entry cost if you don't care much about efficiency. An AE below 200 with 20b equip can be enough to play cc1.

        Because playing ds1~3 do not worth the effort, for playing ds you need something closer to Lv 530 minimum. I recommend at least ds5 because it double the reward box compared to ds4, that is Lv550 minimum and require rather expensive items (ds4 isn't any better in terms of cost required). Without afk 24/7 you cannot reach this level in a realistic time frame even if you p2p and have the jewels to buy entry level items (require 500~1k bless equip to solo ds5 with confidence, depend on character).

        I guess making pro cc character for cc2 is a more realistic option. Before I afk any characters I did this alone and my cc SM had 2k bless+ worth of equip in 2009 after playing 3 years or something, and he was only level 299. My highest level characters was only 3xx at the time, being total f2p and no afk.
        You can prevent level up by destroying exp, by suiciding the character to map monsters deliberately and I have developed procedure for this, because of the need of suicide a hundred times to go from bar 9.9 to 0.0. You do not want to level up a pro cc character once he is at the upper level limit for your targeted cc level, because going up in cc level require more expensive equipment to match that level, and gaining exp is inevitable if you kill stuff in chaos castle. If you are like insane good at playing action games, getting very high cc win rate with a pro cc character is possible.


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          if you wanna avoid the increase exp use seal of sustenance