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    Hi, i recently created my first AE and i'd like to know what items should i be aiming for.

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    NPC items guardian.. Best bow at a low level will be at Karutan 1.

    Buy wings as much as possible lv2 wings.

    She can survive agility type up until Icarus map. Other than that you will gear her proper more and more.. Very expensive character to gear and very weak at the end-game.

    Your budget? f2p?


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      Items? Pre-380 AE don't really need items. If you have a budget like 300b to spend on her and want to level up as fast as possible, only then will you need items.

      AE can wear garbage and train. In fact, she will be able to solo everything non-elemental without effort. All you need is a set of armor and exc rings that have DSR on them. You will be able to solo the level 400 class change darkelf quest wearing exc wind +0... no problem whatsoever. All pre-level 400 stuff can be done with little to no budget. It is this reason I keep saying that new player should start with AE, no matter what class you want to play eventually. As starter all other classes suck compared to her. With other class starting you will level up and become broke, but with AE starter you will be crazy rich for a non-ML in a few months and able to afford playing any class from that point.

      Because of this, the primary focus is usually getting an exc set +zen to improve farming income. If you have +dsr+zen set that is even better, because you can equip dino imp (when you overrate the monsters, they hardly hit you therefore the pets last extremely long, my dino+ag can last 6months+ in e3 pro farming afk 24/7, since my icearrow kill the monsters in 1 hit I don't get any real damage) and result in far superior firepower at low level farming.

      If you play in Helheim or Midgard, exc pendant, and albatross +mana/+xdmg and exc holy spirit set (+zen/+dsr) can be good enough. At the higher levels you don't even need excdmg to reliably kill elite grizzly in one shot. AFK 24/7 and farm 1000 bless before level 380 and talk about it.
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        I don't really have much to spend on her because my main character is a SM and i spent almost everything i had on buying gear for him, but i wanted to try out an AE.

        Do you think i should gear up my AE before my SM so i can gear up my SM easier in the future?

        I'm f2p btw.


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          You got the idea, because it only takes about 30~50b to properly equip a Lv260 AE farmer, while SM same level would take 300b+ equip and still won't be as strong, it is far better to get your AE a good farming setup first such that you can afk farm, hunt muun eggs during events, and hunt Lv220 skill items in kalima with ease.

          Set you can use guardian or wind sold by npc. If you don't take minimum damage (without npc buff), go to a hunt lower level monsters and wait your agility to give you more def. Always use both imp+uniria once you can equip them. If you are level 110 and overrate the monsters you hunt (80% bonus damage reduction is extremely obvious), replace the uniria with a dino.

          Take the war quiver sold by noria goblin smith as soon as possible. This is the most powerful item sold by ANY npc by a large margin. It is just insane and ridiculous, equip it as fast as you can.
          Do the guide quests until you get the ditto MUUN. It gives you +30ATK for a month when equipped once you get it.

          First buying target should be a mana bow, with 1c~1b budget. A crossbow can be fair enough too but bow is superior (most people do not aware of this. but a bow has less delay for the first shot to deal damage compared to a crossbow, that gives you an edge in KS, despite lower level bow has lower weapon speed they actually shoot faster). Best low level bow (below Lv150) would be a silver bow but this can be quite rare and sought after. You can take any low level exc bow with +mana, A crossbow isn't ideal but if you don't see good alternative offers, grab one, you will eventually replace it anyway.
          Skeleton archers drop exc elven bow, so it is an option to farm this monster (which works along with dino farming) if you really want to get everything by yourself. But it can really take weeks or months of afk before a mana bow drop for you.

          Or if you can afford a mana pendant (5~7b these days), take that and you can use a bow +exc damage. The reason why mana bow is recommended, is only because pend+xdmg and bow+mana is usually cheaper compared to pend+mana and bow+xdmg. Both setup will achieve the same and the cost doesn't really differ that much (only 2~5b difference on common pricing).

          A low level AE only need one mana/8 item to afk forever potless, so that you can devote the whole inventory to pick up the items you are trying to farm.

          Get a WATER merciless gladiator dagger once you are level 180+. You may want to upgrade this to +7 and stuff two errtels on it eventually. It will greatly boost ice arrow damage that let you one shot monsters in dungeon farming.

          Once you are level 215+ you can buy spirit wings (15~20b) and an albatross bow or GRC (as explained above, albatross is superior because it is a bow, these two both shoot 4 arrows or bolts and drop from gaion/kundun, therefore are usually very affordable, with +xdmg or +mana at 5b or less). As a rule of thumb, a +0+0 bow is always superior at farming, due to lower STR requirement and lower repair cost (higher AGI of your own give bonus specialization and increased elemental damage which you do not suffer from lower weapon ATK). It is exactly the opposite of a wizardry weapon: a staff always suck if it is lower than +7. Avoid upgrading your bow or buy bow at high ++, they are improper for farming and generally inferior to use. +0+0 is the best.

          You can grab exc holy spirit pieces +dsr/+zen from time to time when they are sold for cheap until you collected a set. These are gaion drops and very common. If you aim for something better (have 30b+ budget), you can go for aruan set, but you still need a +dsr exc set for doing quests. You may try to buy whole set +dsr but that may or may not be cheaper than buying them piece by piece.

          If you are level 180+ and have full exc set +dsr and rings +dsr, you can play bc/ds easily. Remember to bring a few health potions and mana just in case, and you may need to equip an angel. Below level 400 their rewards don't worth the effort but you can try these mini-games and get the feel of them.

          Exc rings +dsr are cheap at the moment (5b or something), you may grab a pair if you have enough budget. They help you to overrate monsters at a lower level so that dino can be deployed with negligible life loss during prolonged afk. If you are richer, get rings +zen+dsr, their price can vary.
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            Ok, thanks. One more thing, should i use the bless of light that i get by doing the quests right away or should i wait till i get to a higher lvl to use them?


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              Level is actually not particularly important in low level farming if you have suitable low level gear, but getting ice arrow (which require class change at level 150) may be a priority for AE. Lv1 wings also only require Lv150 now. So just use them if you managed to find good and stable spot for afk.

              If you don't even have a mana bow, I'd say keep them for now, as to train using mana potion or running out of mana is quite inefficient.

              I'd say rushing to Lv260 is good if you can afford to buy spirit wings +9, exc albatross bow and dsr set. Because once you have that setup you will open up a lot of hunting options, such as sweeping kalima 5 right at the egg monsters spawn time. If you get lucky, even one successful sweep there may net you enough jewels to buy all the items I've just mentioned.