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Request to advice about SM skill tree

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  • Request to advice about SM skill tree


    I have maked SM on speed server event.

    I reached 630 lvl there, currently I have some problems with hunting maps solo.

    I am using exc legendary set from event.

    could you give me advices about it ?
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    making photo more visible


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      You've messed it up in my book... a reset can be a good idea.

      Always keep in mind that it is rather difficult to justify putting more than 10 points into one skill, because each points' return is diminishing.

      The strongest skills in the green tree is pet durability reduction and 3rd wing damage, and you somehow managed to avoid them for no reason. If you don't have wing 3rd... then try your best to get one. +0~+9 are quite affordable nowadays.
      DSR increase in green is considered to be one of the most useless skill in the MST, even DSR characters (who specialize in increasing DSR) should not pick it. Always get the pet durability and skip this.
      Do not put points into elemental defense increase, it isn't worth it. Elemental defense mainly come from AGI points, pentagram and errtels you may be lacking these items.

      A usual and cheap setup for farming is that you boost your defense high up (at your level you may buy exc darkangel wizard+damage decrease+luck), have pet durability and equip dino+imp. You should easily have enough defense to afk 24/7 in debenter (1200def) with only 10 points in defense increase. However if your agility is very low, you may need expensive errtels to boost your elemental defense.

      You may as well reset both of your trees and start over.

      Are you telling me that the event set is exc and not ANCIENT? What is that set?


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        Here my items

        Here are my wings,

        i avoided points in wings because i see no reason to use them if i do not have any wings atm. Mine are ok if i am not wrong.

        I also would like to have stas like this:

        318 str
        1200 agi
        base vit (use only points from tree)
        1300 ene

        I have wcoins for reset but how to not waste points anymore ?

        how much cost 3rd wings for sm ?


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          So your bound event set is ancient, it is not bad at all. But your staff and wings are probably not much better than junk at your level. Having a 200b+ weapon and 200b wings would change your game entirely.

          You've over-focus on your defense. At your level something like 1200~1400 defense should be enough. Your obsession in defense makes you ineffective, because PvM is always a balance between offense and defense. Having more defense than needed on the target spot is useless and makes your attack power way too low.

          At level 600 a SM can solo afk in nars with good items. With your weak items, you should still be able to afk in debenter if your skill tree is right, and debenter only require 1200 def.

          ​​​​​​Try to take these skills as first priority:
          Defense increase Lv10
          Pet durability Lv10 (for dino-imp)
          AG recovery Lv11
          Max AG increase Lv6
          Meteorite Lv10 (ruud skill)

          Then up for wing damage Lv13 if you have 3rd wings.
          Only after you have boosted enough ATK then you can plan to go for higher maps: up HP increase, monster kill life recovery, life absorb (required to afk in high maps taking high damage). Once you have life absorb you should be able to afk in nars even with budget items.

          (But ideally you should be using 1.5~2k bless equip even at your current level, that combined with a correctly planned MST you can solo AFK in nars now)