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  • Golden invasion

    Hi, i was wondering what lvl should i be before i start going for each golden mob in the game. I have a lvl 214 SM and i have only killed a golden dragon in lorencia.

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    18:00 server time, if your playing on Alfheim server just forget it...


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      guia mu listed the stats of all golden monsters you should check that out.
      If you are winged you can probably kill up to golden derkon but it can be quite dangerous.

      Golden budge dragon who drop box of luck is not actual part of the golden invasion, it always spawn randomly in lorencia, noria and devias, in any given time there is one living you will eventually find another if you keep searching (although the low item drop chance of the box make this not worth it). The actual invasion mobs drop box of kundun (BoK) instead, which are traditionally far more valuable.