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  • Farming zen

    Could you share some tips about farming zen?

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    Avoid putting JOL option neither your armory nor your weaponry to its max (e.g +16).. Putting JOL option is like killing your joyful life playing Mu online..

    Wear zen set armory (bonus will be you wearing additional 2x ring zen)..

    If you are high level like 400+.. Wear zen armory that is bloodangel or above.. The armory percentage of zen increases %.

    Go find hotspot (5-8 monsters)
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      Are you asking for newbie way to get zen?

      Farming DL skill scrolls in devias or dungeon, particularly scroll of summon, electric spark and firescream have very high npc value. Setup your MU helper to pickup these scrolls and dump them to npc you will be able to get plenty of zen to pay for npc items/class change quest/cm combine easily.

      Or you may sell jewels for zen.

      Farming extensively for zen is entirely a different matter, zen farming setup can be very refined and expensive but p2p has huge advantage, because shop buffs allow lower level character to hunt higher level monsters and there is a direct relation in zen drop for doing so. Drop seals can boost huge amount of targeted junk drops that can be dumped to the npcs. The gear required for this is also far from affordable for newer players.

      Zen farming below level 450 is not particularly effective because the major junk sell (ravern and horse spirits) are high drop level that low level farm cannot get. AGL can still be extremely effective but a low excellent set +zen for it may take months to gather. AMG and AE are more practical options but getting a full set is still not that easy, even though each piece of the sets they need are often sold as junk.