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  • Sm stat / items 400+above

    Hi guys !

    Currently im sm lv 310 leveling in atlans3 / icarus.
    Anu bernake +9 / SM wing +9 / dragon soul staff +8 /mana8 hprec% pend
    Stats :str 253
    agi : 468
    vit : base
    ene : 1000
    Im thinking about to put agi till 900~1000 but how much str i need in late game? i know its not easy to tell but around..
    Because of i dont rly want spend money on restat my self so i want one that is good in late too in my opinion.
    Is it good pointing or i will fall with 1k ene only?
    I want to buy lyra123 / 124 i dont know which is better for me. And use 777errtells? or i need 101010 of them?
    In inberial staff / 380shield 380boots what seeds i need?
    About 3rd wing i should focus on +14 only or something lower could be enough too?
    Should i buy dd ring or something or its not that needed?
    I know too much questions but .. please help me

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    Ask priest james for the energy requirement of the ruud skills. 1000 is definitely not going to work once you are Lv550+

    Keep in mind that you can use stat increase skills in MST to meet item or skill requirements. Usually this will be 80, 92 or 108 (10, 13 or 20 skill points, 20 is only good for pure buffers because the last 7 levels for 16 stats is rather underwhelming) for each stat. Using these skills to meet requirement would mean that you will delay your power spike during the early master levels, and this can be difficult if you have no clue what you want to go for.

    For example, you fall 80 energy and 80 strength short to learn ruud skill and equip your target staff, you can gain additional 160AGI from this plan, but this would add 80 levels before you can learn ruud skill compared to a build that do not rely on these stat increase skills.

    I think enough STR for miracle staff +15 or max (287 or 307STR) is the minimum a wizard should aim for. 307 can use ruud set +11+0 that is a good number IMO.
    If you plan 13 points in STR increase you can have 307-92 = 215STR with base level stats, and this may sound very very low to you that you may have difficulty choosing gear to level up a character with this build.

    Soul staff max will be 372STR but most would get away with +11+16 which is 357.

    You should keep the STR you have and grab the best staff you can equip IMO.


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      U need 1300 ene to use all SM skills,

      This is realy good build if u have limited budget. Agi = def