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AFK Aida 1 and go devias 1 when check

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  • AFK Aida 1 and go devias 1 when check

    i afk 1 esm 1 ee in Aida 1 and when I go check , esm go to devias 1 , ee go to Aida 1 village . When I go to the spot , 1 ae is afking. Very strange. Anyone know how it happen?

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    It is the cost of Webzen's mu online phenomenon. The unexplained mysterious bug

    No, I have not encountered this kind of situation.. What I can think of is you party someone else, and that someone else is the party leader.. Assuming your SM is blue active in party-list which leads him to be auto-move there in devias by the discretion of the party leader.

    Or maybe you just forget moving your SM in devias.


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      Sounds like free warp to lorencia bug. Your SM somehow reached an invalid terrain during the afk, and by doing so your character will instantly warp to town, but in the past this warp was always to lorencia,

      The spot you were playing at was probably bugged that caused the movement into invalid terrain.


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        Did you register party in N open? Devias warp can be explained if yes. Someone malicious joined then dropped a Kalima map from Symbol of Kundun on top of your esm bot return to original position coordinate - then you get attacked by Aegis and die then end up in devias while ee without party can't self heal and go safezone.

        If no pt registered or haven't given pt to others devias warp can't be explained.

        But also something to watch out for and be aware, aida is frequent place for guild war drama and rivalries. ML level go aida2 and lure blood mobs like bloody golem back to aida1 nonML level zone.

        Golem has immobilize attack debuff, like Sapi Queen on Swamp of Peace map.

        Atlans2-3 with original delay for 20 secs to avoid valkyrie freeze and lizard lightning combo loop to make bot unresponsive and Losttower7 are safer for afk lvlup
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