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    I have 3 characters that i'd like to level up (in different accounts) . One is dk lvl 130 , 390 str, 208 agi, stamina 32 energy 44. This one i was thinking about using it to get to dark lord, or should i keep the bk? i'd like a character that can farm many jewels and exe. Then i have a DW, 190 str, 143 agi, stamina 15, energy 265. the str and agi i put them to wear legendary shop set. then i have an EE that i put also some str and agi to wear set and bow. maybe ill use this one to get a MG.
    i think i made all wrong, can someone give me direction? thanks. mainly i want characters that can farm jewel and exe

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    About low level DK
    Originally posted by BBRG View Post
    Buy a great scythe or bill of balrog +mana/+xdmg, mount a uniria and use impale. This is the best way to train low level DK due to low mana cost, reliable attack and low cost of uniria. You should be able to farm well in dungeon or elbeland. With enough energy and +mana weapon and pendant you can afk 24/7 without running out of mana at quite low level that can farm right away.

    Once you can equip target weapon up your energy to 60.
    It's a good idea to up energy to 200+ before you reach level 160 so that you can immediately use deathstab as your main skill, but you may want to have stats to equip decent armor and weapon first.

    Your DW is fine once you up his energy to 700+

    EE should equip the lowest requirement set as possible, this usually mean any stat more than enough to equip normal vine +13 is a waste of stat points. Even pure EE (100% stats to energy) can be trained using special party.

    AE is by far the best character for low level farming since the introduction of quiver. A level 140 AE is possibly twice better than DK and 5 times better than DW at this level. DW is complete trash at the lower levels.
    EE usually isn't that great for farming unless you have EDL, ERF or ARF to party.


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      How you can farm dinos with a DK (5hr afk):

      (I had mu helper auto pickup scroll of summon, electric spark, critical damage and firescream to dump into npc for zen so that dino combination can be afforded)

      In a nutshell, it all boil down to what ITEMS you have.
      Ask any high level player, most will say that this equipment are pretty much worthless:
      Pendant +xdmg+mana
      Serpent spear +0+8+s+xdmg+mana
      Dragon set +6+12+L, armor +7+12+L

      But this is a setup can farm up to 3~6 dinos a day with a noob DK. This set indeed commands a price tag of roughly 30b.
      But 80% of it is the price of the pendant which is not a newbie item. It is in fact one of the best all-purpose item for low level pro farm (pro farm - you just set it up and afk then collect the spoils from time to time, the character serves no other purpose). This pendant alone used to cost 60b+

      So yes, you can solo afk 24/7 with no energy on DK... only with a farming set that worth around 8b (with mana pendant and mana spear).
      Stats matter? It does, because if you cannot afford a mana pendant, then you will have to get 60~80 energy to achieve the same result.
      On very tight budget, you can buy a mana great scythe (drop by poison bull) for 1b, use npc dragon set+L and kill cyclops/skeleton archers instead. And you can do this below level 100.
      What stats you need to go for is always linked to what items you try to use.

      Some prerequisites needs to be cleared for 24/7 afk:
      -You don't rely on npc buff and kill reasonably fast (because the buffs wears off while you afk)
      -You run potless when doing the above (this require proper understanding of mana, options and stats)
      -Your upkeep cost is manageable (MU helper cost more zen the higher level you are, item repair and consumables like imp/dino also cost something over time)
      -You understand what your targets are and what keyword you want to add into the MU Helper
      -You check your character periodically to dump items, combine/store valuables and return to spot. The interval of this have direct effect on what items you want to pick up because inventory space is precious.

      Your character is either anti-ks (you kill so fast it is not possible to ks you at the practical level) and farm in hotspot, or you may need to park in a lesser spot peacefully like the one above. The best farmers have setups that are anti-ks and this can only be achieved by specific characters.

      If you have a better budget, you can do it at a lower level and achieve a better profit margin.

      If you are at a higher level, you need different, often more expensive items to achieve the same profit margin. A high level character without enough budget to buy items is mostly unprofitable. It is the primary reason why I always keep saying that level can work against you if you are broke and have no budget. A high level farmer with an expensive setup may achieve better farming than a lowly character.

      These are very important concepts about farming in f2p.


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        Thanks for replies.
        The thing is i dont know what my target weapon may be because they isnt many people sellings stuff on Heilheim server 8 where i play. Is there an easy way to buy exe items?


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          You can go to server 6 and while in town (lorencia, noria, devias or elbeland), press "P" for the personal shop list. HH server 6 can be full at times it can be tricky to enter though.

          In the search bar you can lookup for: (the search is case sensitive, click on the item name on the drop-down list and press search)
          Bill of Balrog
          Great Scythe
          Dragon Spear (requires Blade Knight Lv150 minimum, but its stat requirement can be too high for use at 150, 616STR 230AGI at +0+0. Lv160~180 is more realistic.)

          BoB is probably your first choice but they can be hard to come by.
          You can also join a gen and ask in gen chat (you may turn off system messages to see the chat better), if you offer 1b or 8chaos etc for exc BoB/GS +mana someone would respond to you eventually.
          B>exc BoB +mana = 1b

          If someone is spamming non-stop on the gen chat, add that character name into your blocklist and they will trouble you no more.

          You can also farm exc great scythe by killing poison bull but this can take a long time until one with the options you desire may drop. It is faster to just sell dinos and buy it from other players using blesses and/or souls.

          Instead of a spear with mana you may buy a pendant instead and use a normal BoB from devias, it is easier to find pendant seller, its more versatile but it cost much more (just +mana would be something like 5~7b),