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Need feedback on my Dark Wizard

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  • Need feedback on my Dark Wizard

    Hello Mu Community,

    I recently started playing MU and I am having a difficult time on seeing if I am doing well.

    I have uploaded a photo on my items and stats, if I could get feedback that would be great.

    I also need advice on what to do from here, how to obtain stronger items and wings.

    If I could get some guidance, that would be great.

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    You are doing pretty rough to be honest. You completely illustrated my point that LEVELING UP IS BAD if you can't afford the items for that level.

    First and most important error is that you should never up stamina for a DW, although 33 points isn't too big and it is fixable (with limits). If you have survival issue up your AGI instead (600~900 AGI at level 400 is workable build). You can decrease this stamina back with fruits but this will cost jewels you can't afford at the moment.

    Second is you need to do the level 150 quest for class change. If you are free to play, this is a very difficult situation: you need to kill deathknight in losttower 5+ to get the second drop and since you run out of free buff and have no wings, this is not easy. When your level was lower than 220 it is easier as NPC would still buff you. First part is pretty easy though you have enough defense.

    Third is that you need to do the 2nd class change after the 1st class change to SM. This can be low priority you should get 2nd stage wings before doing this. I believe wings of soul +0+x cost 12b or less in HH or midgard.

    Using potions makes you broke. Your first priority should be getting a mana staff. With a few more STR you can use an exc platina +0 (with the 20 points you get from quest 150), but that may be expensive. Instead try to find an exc staff of resurrection +mana that cost lower than 1b. Try to sell your chaos for bless to buy this. Keep your inventory clear, so that you can pick up items to npc for zen.
    Try to create dino with uniria from dungeon and sell them. Dino price are low these days though you may need to create 20+ before you can buy wings. Get zen by selling skill scrolls (dropped in dungeon) and sell them to NPC, you need a lot of zen to combine dinos.
    Scroll of summon is 125k zen, scroll of firescream is 100k, kalima maps are 70k. Also pick up recovery rings/pendants (they worth some zen). Check my MU helper thread for more details.

    Dump your +8 sets to npc they are worthless. You can keep your +8 legendary boots and buy the legendary set+Luck in devias, using uniria for afk even remove the need of your +8 boots that you may discard it too as well.

    The basics for low level farming is that you should stay in an area that
    -You take minimum damage, so that imp is always used and you afk 24/7 potless. If you have no wings, you should also use a uniria or dino.
    -You kill monsters in a few hit, achieving high kill per second. This is because the chance of jewel drop of each monster who are capable to drop jewel is almost the same.
    -You spend no potion on killing monsters. This is directly related to skill choice.

    Dino is too expensive at your current state so just use uniria they are easy to farm huge amounts of.
    You can also sell full trades of full imps (ft = 32x that completely fill the trade window) for a few souls.
    With no mana recovery staff, use flame and fireball (main skill energy ball, fireball delay 0 sec, flame delay 0sec), Buy a FIRE type merciless gladiator's dagger. Kill cyclops/ghost or higher monsters they can drop bless. I guess you can safely afk in d1 end killing skeleton archers and cyclops with imp and uniria equipped, using npc legendary set+luck.

    When in doubt, up energy it can't go wrong.

    My advice:
    (sell your chaos for bless)
    1: exc platina/dragonsoul/resurrection +mana (about 1s~3b depend on options)
    2: merciless gladiator's dagger fire or wind type (Lv180, about 1b)
    3: wings of soul +0+0, about 12b
    4: heras sphinx set (6b or less full set with shield)
    5: pendant +xdmg (about 4b)
    6: anubis set (about 20b, with heras pants boots shield from leftover)
    7: errtel of anger and blessing r1+0 (match your pentagram and activate bonus, about 2~3b each)

    In order to get a very "basic" setup for a DW it still cost 50b or something. It is the reason why I'm strongly against playing DW as first character in f2p: AE perform way better low-level farming with less initial cost.
    Once you have all of the above, up your pentagram to +7 (fire or wind both work but you will be using different spells for the element you choose), then try to buy a +9 exc platina and up stats for using that, and +11 or higher wings of soul (check level requirement). Upgrade your anubis+heras set to +7+12 (shield +0) you can afk in icarus/aida and play chaos castle.

    If you actively play, you can try to seek and hunt rabbits in lorencia/noria/elbeland during the event to get some extra jewels.