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*EvilWlzard / Caden1tas Scammer!!! Warning!!!

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  • *EvilWlzard / Caden1tas Scammer!!! Warning!!!

    EvilWlzard / Caden1tas Scammer!!! Warning!!!

    Earlier this week User EvilWlzard / Caden1tas resolved to announce on the market Server 6 the purchase of MU items in exchange for CS-GO items on Steam, more specifically weapon skins that he was offering.

    I made three trades with him, I passed the items in full confidence and all 3 trades were successfully completed with some minor problems but it worked out in the end. I passed the items on Mu Online and he sent me the Items on Steam.

    But he still wanted more items from me, and I was still interested in another skin he has.
    We talked a little and the other day he called me.

    So what I did, I spent the items trusting him again, and after receiving the skin on Steam I was going to give free several more, many other items as a gift. Even with this proposal he decided to rob me and block me on steam.

    These are the items he stole from me in MU:

    One 3rd Elf +11+x and other 3rd RF +11+X

    After contacting some of his friends at Steam list, he answered me at the game, and look at the thief's story.

    This is his Steam profile:

    Guys I know everyone gets tired of warning, nobody is silly. So be careful, as much as the person you are going to trust is very rich, my experience, even the guy with an inventory of 2k$USD was able to steal 40$USD who has almost nothing.

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    He deleted your post, but here is the screenshot.


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      Maybe you should look in webzen's policy about RMT and think long and hard about this post.