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    What does the "Target Concentration" option do?

    For ppl looking for the other options:

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    As far as my concern only.. It is like concentrating on a gathering monster on an area which you will attack.. (This is good for single splash attackers like RF, DL, Summoners, GL and etc except wizard) Because with this tick, your character will focus on attacking the gathering monsters..

    For now, as of 8/17/2019, this feature is still not working properly.. Same as muun repair that it is still not working..


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        I am pretty sure it means that it will give the character priority to attack smaller concentrated groups of monsters, rather than the character moving to a single target that is further away from other monsters in the hunting area.

        Scenario: 4 monsters are in hunting range. 3 are very close to each other, and the other 1 is wandering by itself. You character should move to the group of 3 monsters with higher priority.

        Furthermore, this is added because they are changing the way the targeting system works with the MU Helper. Your character, now, priorities hunting the monster that is nearest to the character. Unless you tick Target Concentration.

        I'll update my page soon. This feature also probably doesn't work yet, until the real update comes.

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