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  • Some questions about the game...

    Hey guys;
    Im playing the game atm I have a lvl 294 MG. I would like to ask some questions:

    1 - Is there any PVP in this game beside Castle Siege?
    I mean, I know I can PK people...but then I cant party with any1, I cant buy things in NPC, and I can drop my itens if I die, even
    if I killed just one person.
    Is there a way to become a PK in the higher levels, and protected my itens from dropping?
    Or can I pay a Zen tax and clear my PK if needed?

    2 - How much time will I take to get to 400, playing afk 24/7 as free to play?

    3 - I play on HH server. I was playing like 4 months ago, and it was OK to get bless from the market..
    I could sell my Chaos/souls for Bless, could buy it with zen, sell some EXC itens, etc...
    But now, looks like the JOB is VEEEERY overpriced...I mean, I see people asking like 9 JOC or 6 JOS for a single JOB..
    What hapenned to the JOB price? Is there a way to farm JOB beside AFKing low lvl farms characters to get random drops?

    4 - Are people quitting the game or what?
    I remember playing on the "market" server on HH, it was FULL of stores and people selling things.
    I just entered the same server yesterday, and it was kinda empty compared to before...
    Or maybe its just that people are playing on the event speed server atm?
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    3. its really easy to get bless and other jewels right now during muun event, only time is kinda SA-orientated.

    4. market is alive, just join 6th server and ctrl+p


    • Wilnermuforum11
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      Just a question about this muun event...
      Does the mobs spawn in the same locations always?
      And during the time of the event, they spawn each at 20 minutes interval right?

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    >Is there any PVP in this game beside Castle Siege?

    Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple. Also there's Vulcanus.


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      There really isn't a PVP system anymore. You can participate in mini-games, or go to the duel arena. Or you can fight opposite Gens members in Vulcanus. If you want to PVP like the good old days, its not possible. They put a 3 kill limit cap on PVP. So if you make 3 PKs, your character basically gets banned from in-game features, including hunting monsters outside of the Vulcanus map. You'll also have an extremely high drop rate of equipment if you die with PK status. They ruined it.

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        Originally posted by (VM)izakit View Post
        There really isn't a PVP system anymore....
        ....They ruined it.
        Wow, thats sad!
        And is there a reason they did it?
        Were those changes good for the game in any sense?


        • (VM)izakit
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          They did not give much reason about it. It came as part of season updates. I think it was supposed to make the game better. I think they did it because people complained a lot about PK. So, maybe it made the game easier if you are F2P only, because you'll be less likly to get PKed. But everyone hates it really. Everyone misses PK. Its sad. We have tried to get them to change it, but they won't do it, so it seems.

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        PvP in the game is now all about events you win against other players to get a better reward, this is true for chaos castle at any level, bloodcastle and devilsquare above level 400. Because these are highly competitive, you may not have much chance as a newer player.

        You can also win against other players in KS war in spot to earn the drops, even boss hunt can be KS.

        PK don't earn you anything. Money (jewels) is the power in the game everyone seek after, that's why at your level you see the items seems to be insanely expensive. If you have good characters and have them properly equipped, you CAN afford many of these items, even if you just f2p and afk 24/7 because they are efficient and they win ks or farm steadily that earn the jewels you need to actually be competitive in events. And being competitive earn you even more jewels.

        MG is not a good character for chaos castle to be honest (it's been dominated by SM, RF and GL for a long time). Blood castle is also bad but not unworkable, although devil square is decent. EMG can be good for KS and events, SMG is now considered to be the worst build, chance to win boss KS isn't very good and he basically suck at everything. AMG is good for solo event running and boss hunt, regarded as one of the best character for solo play but he likely can't win KS.


        • Wilnermuforum11
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          Thanks for your replay man!

          Acctually my setup is AMG LVL 300 with Muren + LVL2 Wings and a Budget of like 30b. (I have some low lvl "farmers" too but they are trash with NPC itens lol).
          How am I supossed to farm jewels atm, with my current set up?

          Another thing, dont u think that the Bless are overpriced atm? At least in HH, its almost impossible to get Bless on market if you try to trade for your souls/chaos...
          Looks like the Bless drop rate got nerfed too...
          I leave like 4 chars afk 24/7 and I am getting almost no Bless lately...