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  • SM or DL

    Which character you think is better for solo playing with EE, i heard DL are very good for pvm, but dont have real AoE, and SM is nice killer because of AoE, but damage is pretty low in comparison to DL, so, considering pro and con, wich one you think is better? because I cant decide XD but cant really afford coins for 3 characters

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    They are both good, you should choose the one you like to play with out of all the chars not just these two. If you're looking for some char that is a little better in the end game than the rest in these seasons that would be the sm but it's a long way to the end game...
    Both DL and SM are a very popular choice now so their items might be a little more expensive and in higher demand than those for other classes.


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      sm is first choice . u can easily lvling other lower char in ur pt becoz sm have sb . dl dun have . ur lower char easy get die when afk in big spot . and sm get less ks . but sm gear is more expensive than dl


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        DL can be a budget-wise choice, more on balance type character that can have more defense mounted in horse.. Like what you said it is not as AOE skilled as wizard does... Wizard other hand needs good equipment (literally good) and correct build to achieve PVM solo with or without EE...

        Most Mu korea players prefer wizard as a PVM champion...
        Me as will..

        Also, one of our Mutizen manage to make an example, his name is
        Psico Helheim

        Link video direct youtube channel >>

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          sm sm sm pvm sm is by far better then a dl
          dl has low damage if no punish
          terrible low damage dont let them tell you otherwise terribleno matter what gear i have +15 cape weapon name it
          and is really embarassing in damage haha a joke

          sm has sb yes gear is expensive but is for a reason sm can level up fast other noob characters as well
          sm with good gear can pretty well survive anywhere and have great damage
          i have dl 860 and my enmg lvl 803 kills twice as fast with lower gear thats how bad dls are without punish
          they use ag and mana like crazy witch makes 380 3 socket weapon a must ag reduction
          without this dl will be even worse

          honestly my ee can make more damage then a dl lol

          want to lvl up fast and yur other characters get a sm have no choice simple yes people might tell you otherwise haha


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            Vitality Rage Fighter. I can Solo in Raklion at lvl 550. The new Skill Tree chain drive skill is very good.


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              I can also do it, since level 500 with SM XD