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  • Wings creation

    Does Chaos Weapon +luck increase the rate of success or no luck gives the same success rate?

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    It increases the success rate of increasing [Item Level] whenever a [Jewel of Soul] is involved. Does that make sense?

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      It does increase the success rate of wings creation but not because of jewel of soul. Luck increases the shop value of wings so it will increase the success rate when your chaos weapon has higher shop value.


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        If you are looking for a way to save on those stones for wing1 or wing2 creation the best way to do that would be to have a chaos weapon for the first wings creation or wing1 for the second that is + high additional option, at least +12 would give you a much better chance % success on the mix.

        Wing1 can come out +luck+12additional from the chaos machine and if you add just feather/crest + this type of wing and jwl of chaos the percent is somewhere around 67% out of the 90% max possible for the combination.

        You can do what you want with this info, use jols if you have them and can't sell them for a good price or keep making wing1 or chaos weapon until you get with +8 or +12 from the mix and keep selling the extra ones you make to get resources to make more...