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Newbie needs help.

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  • Newbie needs help.

    Hey guys!

    Im back here after many years of break. i was playing all the time this years ago on private servers but now im trying official at Alfheim server

    Im just looking for ppl who wants to group up with me and can help me level up a little quicker Im 190+ at this moment and the thing i only need right now is to hit 220, to unlock mg Maybe here is some1 who wants to help?

    Also i want to ask, i think ill unlock rage fighter or summoner this evening, any idea who will better fit mostly f2p gameplay? And what to buy at begining for them, i could have i think 90b for start.

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    I think that I would choose summoner, cheaper equipment


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      For f2p and 90b budget, i think summoner will be the better choice as her items are the cheapest among all chars. And she doesn't really need pro gear to farm well. Just get her a demonic stick/lagle book+exc dmg+mana and semeden+chrono, dagger+wind, wings of despair. 90B budget is enough for these equips and you will use them for a very long time.

      You can play vrf with low budget too but he is not good at farming like summoner especially at early game. Summoner is easier to train and still very good at pk wars.