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  • I'm new, need basic help

    Hi hi,

    So i've been playing mu on a private server for couple of years now, but i got bored of it, now i'm trying to start here on global mu, but im having a little hard time.I've been following the leveling guide on the forums, and reading some posts here, but i'd like to get some answers.

    Right now i have an Agility Elf lvl 84

    using the merchant spirit set w/ tiger bow and merch quiver

    I play on Helheim server.

    So i'd like to now about these:

    Should i focus on leveling? or should i grind for gear and jewels? i dont have money to buy any buffs or any shop items
    also should i focus on the newbie quests? and what about the spirit guardian elf quests?

    Should i participate in the low level BC, Devil square? if so what gear do i need to complete them?

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    Fully free to play is going to be hard for you, you get a lot of competition in events like the one running now with the egg of monsters... and you might get bored if you don't find some people playing at the same pace as you, because it will take a very long time to do everything, leveling, gearing up..

    Fastest way to get something out of the game for you would be for now hunt those event mobs, rabbits at your level, around the starter towns during the event hours.

    Try to get some items excellent, better if all from the set, with def success rate +10%, that will help a lot your elf to survive longer in afk and maybe do some events. Also mana after mob item would be good to have as you get to higher levels so a weapon or pendant with that option.

    You could make more AEs or maybe some DK too if your computer can handle more opened clients at the same time and increase your jwl/zen/items farm.

    BC in non master levels, before the level 400 quest, only give you an increased chance of dropping excellent items while killing the mobs inside the event.

    DS probably same thing but a lot lower chance.

    CC in those levels you can drop 1 or 2 jewels and get a reward if you win which is a jol, creation or low chance, very low chance at an old ancient item. This event is also pvp so you have to deal with that too.

    You should probably get the dsr set before even trying any of the events.

    Try to find some people to play with, if that doesn't make the game easier at least it will make it less boring.


    • LizElune
      LizElune commented
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      i'll try to find someone but im not good searching for friends. I dont mind if it takes too long, my laptop is not that good so i can only have up to 2 clients at a time (at least that was for the private server i was playing before).

      I will try farming for those sets/items also yesterday was farming bahamuts in atlans entrance and a Bless dropped *o*

      thank you very much n-n

    • Defaultname
      Defaultname commented
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      No problem. Solo play is alright too, might be even better than trying to find some people to play with and running into some toxic players.
      Do try the rabbits event mobs if you can play during the event hours, top left of the screen you can click on the event icon to open that event inventory where the eggs will go to and also see there the hours when you can hunt them. If you enjoy hunting, you'll probably like the event, there's nothing better in your level bracket anyway. Don't stress it too much, as long as you have some fun playing the game there isn't much you are doing wrong or aren't doing and are supposed to. Good luck.

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    It is a wise choice to play an AE as starting. But please do remember leave stamina and energy base only.

    You should grind for jewels by playing egg monster event as it is a very friendly event for new players where you can easily obtain jewels. Try to play the event everyday and also take the quest from phantom soldier to get guardian set+8. But please try to buy a complete set of guardian or holyspirit+dsr as you will need it to lvl until lvl400, and you can survive in many places without blessing it. And also, try to get yourself a pendant+mana and a wind penta which will help you a lot on farming.

    Non-master lvl bc/ds are not advised to join as they are not profitable. You can join cc as you will get some jewels if you are lucky enough.


    • LizElune
      LizElune commented
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      ok then i will try CC after getting the phantom soldier set. I will probably just hunt for guardian or holyspirit excellent, i like getting my own drops and im not rushing to max lvl anyway n-n

      I got a Bless from bahamuts yesterday so im happy now hahaha

      Thank you very much (*^-^*)

    • LizElune
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      hi a little update, i was in atlans near a hot spot and seems that a win element muren book was dropped, so i have that now, still 10 lvls more i need to equip but 1 thing less to search for haha

    • Liberte1617
      Liberte1617 commented
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      Good luck bro. Hope that you enjoy the game.