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Durability Reduction (3) and MUUN

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  • Durability Reduction (3) and MUUN

    I was wondering if durability reduction (3) in Master Skill Tree has any effect on Muun pet durability.
    Does anyone know this info?
    I'm asking cause I don't have any points there and my muuns last just a day in Nixies.

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    Hi. I am not 100% sure about it. Assuming that this Master Skill has been around since before Muun were released, I would guess that it does not apply to Muun items. Though, I am not certain about it. I think Muun item durability is based on play-time rather than anything else.

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    • Dixman
      Dixman commented
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      I thinks it's durability in based on incoming damage. On Nixies since I get so many hits the Muun's life runs out quickly.
      Now that I'm in DD2 and don't get so many hits the Muun lasts a lot more.
      But thanks for the response

    • (VM)izakit
      (VM)izakit commented
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      It is no problem. I thought I would just leave an opinion. Hopefully someone can give a better answer. I haven't ever looked into it much.