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noob question on skills

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  • noob question on skills

    as you know instructions on there web page is almost non existent i want to start ma summonner again havent played in years and i need parchments where can i get where do they drop i need sleep to continue or i have to quit cant find anything in stores and nobody i ask knows lol so what is the next step i retire again ^ ^ why do they make things so hard i really dont get it

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    You can find info like this on our official 3rd-party fan site and game guide we have developed:

    You can use the Summoner page to see all the skill details, and which [Skill Item] is needed to learn each:

    Furthermore, you can use the search bar at the top of any page to search info about that [Skill Item]. For example, if you search for "Damage Reflection Parchment" you'll see pages which its mentioned on. But more importantly, you will see the Monster Database pages which drop the item.

    So I did a search on the site for "Damage Reflection Parchment" and these came up:
    Cursed Lich
    Captin Grizzly
    Chief Skeleton Warrior

    These monsters all drop that [Skill Item].

    Official [Global MU Online] fan site and game guide:


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      devias3 elite yeti, dungeon2,3 for sleep just saying because I dropped recently a few times from all those. For all the rest yes is a great resource for information.
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        Don't forget to add the "Parchment" in your helper so your character will automatically loot it.