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  • So what's now?

    Since patch 13 came out, wings crafting changed. So there are 2 possible options now:

    1) 1st Wings + Loch's Feather + Jewel of Chaos + Medium Magic Stone
    2) [Finished] Magic Solution + 1st Wings

    First choice: Magic stones are extremely expensive and when your are new player, there is 0% chance for me to get it. Think about your budget being this level.

    Second choice: To get [Finished] Magic Solution, RUUDs are required (1000 RUUD). It looks like good choice, but.. You can get RUUD from quest, but 10 RUUD each quest? Being lvl 220, when you can wear 2nd wings, you won't have more than 100 RUUD from quests. And other choices to get RUUDs are BC, DS, CC. And both are from BS4, DS4, CC4. So you must be lvl 400 to enter those (180 levels after you can wear 2nd wings).

    So what i am trying to say, that new players have no chance, to get 2nd wings, unless they buy it from other players. Maybe I am missing something?

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    It's broken. The only way to get 2nd wings is to buy them from high-level players. Making magic stones is later on quite easy, because you can just drop exc holyangel items into the mix. Sadly, currently it's unbalanced, and it doesn't look like they'll fix it.


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      My friend, you and me are on the same boat. I got my second wings by hunting egg event - Muun eggs, get enough 60 bless and you can trade one. They sometimes sell it for 15 bless (Hellheim) for sh*tier wings but should be sufficient for lvling up and more.

      Another option is keep hunting at Dungeon 1,2,3, afk 24/7 to get Horn of Urinia, or set up multiple account for farming it, then make Dino, put up a store to sell it for 1 bless/ each Dino. You can then use it to buy the wing. At the same time, try to search for the drop. This game is not easy to play but it's good challenge to whoever like challenging.

      This is my opinion. Add friend me - WizardAOG, and we can form team. Thanks


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        I totally understand you and agree with what you say. I think they made to mistake to make [Loch's Magic Solution] cost (x1,000) [Ruud]. It should only cost (x100) [Ruud]. You'll only be able to get 1,000 Ruud from quests by the time you reach level 400. The [Condor's Magic Solution] isn't much better of a system because it costs (x75,000) [Ruud], which is kind of a lot. Plus [Magic Bubble] has a really low drop rate and it takes weeks to fill the solution. I think its probably more aimed towards P2P players, but even still, it takes too long to collect the bubbles.

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          Thanks for your answers.

          Seems I missed nothing. I am very sad about it. Specially about their market strategy. They are taking away things which was free/easily obtained and making fun game more complex than it should be. I hardly believe, that their PM/PMs are investigating this game carefully.

          ~ Regards


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            I would rather try to get jewels from hunting/trading and buy wings. When you reach master level and you finally able to obtain ruud from events, you could have already earned enough jewels to buy 3rd wings instead of collecting bubbles which is a stupid long way to be done.


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              Best way to have 2nd/3rd wing is to buy it from others. You can farm Imps and Dino's in Dungeon and you can sell them in bless. Also, participating in in-game events will be good also. Farming Loch's bubble is not worth since this item has a very low drop rate.