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Some questions about SM PVM

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  • WizardAOG
    started a topic Some questions about SM PVM

    Some questions about SM PVM

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a returning player and got few questions. Hopefully, you can help me. I've been digging all old posts to find the answer I need but could not find any. So, I decided to post here.

    1. I'm building my ASM and currently on level 220. My overall damage without Phantom Soldier Buff is around 800 to 1200. I can play at LT7, Icarus and Tarkan but it will take a bit of time to kill the mobs here. Is that good damage number at level 220? How else can I increase this damage? I'm using Anubis +9, Exc Kundun staff +9 , FO pendant 10%DSR, 4ops exc rings 10%DSR, Exc pant 10%DSR, exc grand soul boot +10% DSR. I compromise a bit on offence to get defense to survive Tarkan/ Aida ( Reason: I remember some posts said that they drop jewel here more often then dungeon - not sure if this is correct but got 1 soul jewel the other day)

    2. Where would be best to farm jewel of bless and soul besides those places mentioned above? Any event that will reward jewel of bless or soul? I saw they sell Exc FO with 580 bless or 960 bless. They are way too much.

    3. What is the most efficient way to upgrade item to +13? I used to be able to purchase TOCA to prevent item from disappearing but they don't sell it anymore, and the chance of dropping it probably 0.

    4. Do we have any weapon that's better Kundun staff before reaching level 380 for the purpose of leveling? It's fine for me to stuck with Phantom quest but sometime I like to hunt somewhere else to make it less boring and my dps is not high enough

    My stats allocation as below
    Str - 300
    Agi - 221
    Sta - Base
    Energy - 679

    Stat allocation strategy for now Agility: Energy (1:3)

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might have for me. Appreciate that.

  • IGNGaben
    that damage is ok, consider partying with another killer or ee to get to a higher lvl map. As far as I know, the jewel drop is more or less the same in all maps. To upgrade items to +13 it is better if the item has luck, otherwise it is very difficult not to lose it in the process, there are some events where you can get TOL and TOC, past month was one in fact. You should stick with that weapon until you can get a platina+mana+excdamage.
    If you are planning an asm (and not an esm), you should get at least 1000 points on agi to notice the benefit of an asm with soul barrier

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