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Magic Backpack buyable in game?

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  • Magic Backpack buyable in game?

    Ok so I want an expanded inventory, but dont want to buy wcoins.
    So is it possible for another player to buy it for his wcoins and trade it to me for in game currency?
    And what would a correct price be if it is possible?

    Thanks in advance

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    Other players selling tradable magic backpack means 100% probably dump...

    Magic backpack is not tradable when you purchase it from website premium xshop..
    Exchange trade it to other players legit purchase is not advisable.. (Cannot trade the item)

    Dumper selling it before 60b in the market..
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      Editing a comment
      This Magic backpack came out from an event before but many have abuse it and created in an illegal way. Many account got banned from buying this before.(just an addition to what ClaireVic said)

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    It is not possible to buy it in-game. The in-game [Magic Backpacks] are duped and you can be banned for it.

    You can only obtain Magic Backpack by purchasing it on the Web Shop, under the Premium Items tab.

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