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Simple Guide for Elf 1-400

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  • Simple Guide for Elf 1-400

    Hey all MU Gamers,

    I have not played Mu Global Official in a long time. The last MU I played was MU Legend. Some of you may know me as H_. I decided to return and test out the original game and check out the game play. This guide is not for everyone, but
    for anyone looking to solo a new character and that is F2P without using W coins for equipment or levels. Although using W coins is applicable to this guide as well.

    This is just a simple guide on how to progress from level 1-400 from scratch. Time Estimated 1-400 1 Month (F2P)

    Character: Elf
    Stats: Preference (Agility/Ene)
    Set: Guardian Set +3+Luck+12 Add. Def. (NPC)
    Weapon/Offhand: Saint Crossbow +3+luck+12 Add. 4 Dmg / Quiver +Luck+Add. 4 Dmg
    Pentagram: Scroll of Etramu (Wind)

    I prefer the NPC guardian set over the guardian set as you receive from Phantom Soldiers at level 80.
    The additional to damage is nice with the +Luck opt. The Blue crossbow awarded at 140+ is a nice damage increase to replace the NPC Tiger bow. Once 280, the Saint crossbow is purchasable from Karutan 1 NPC.
    Complete all quests from Shadow Phantom Solider for exp. These quests upon completion also reward you with buffs and Bless of light.

    For pentagram, the beginner pentagram Wind is ideal, as your Triple Shot (main skill) imprint is wind. Create new characters and scavenge through the Beginner pentagram boxes until you acquire it. Once around level 250-300 hunt for Scroll of Etramu (wind) from Atlans 2-3.

    Stats allocated into strength is for set. Agility and Energy will be the main focus. This will depend on your preference as you progress throughout the levels.

    Zen is difficult to acquire and so try to pick up as many skill scrolls, Kundun symbols, and Blood Castle and Devil Square items to sell. Use this method to obtain NPC sets.

    Training spots:
    1-25: Noria / Phantom Soldier quests.
    25-50: Elbeland 2 / Devias 2-3
    50-120: Elbeland 3 / Atlans
    120-180: Atlans / Atlans 2
    180-300: Atlans 3
    300-400: Kanturu 1

    Luxury items:
    Pendant and Rings+HP Auto recovery. (Hunt from Atlans).
    Wcoins for EXP Seals.

    Character I am currently playing:
    19NC Helheim Server.

    I will try to update as I progress further in levels with this character.


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    Originally posted by EnCe View Post

    Time Estimated 1-400 1 Month (F2P)
    Yeah, sure...
    There is no way to 1-400 in a month F2P, SPECIALLY starting from scratch. Maybe with really good items, and even then, i don't think you are close./s


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      AE = Strength for set only. Rest to agility. Do not put any points on energy/vitality

      And also, for AE, quiver from npc shop is a great boost. Try to get a weapon+mana or pendant+mana as they're actually affordable for new f2p players and it will help a lot on hunting. Try to get a merciless dagger when you reach level 180 as it will be a great boost to your attack and normally it just costs 1B only on players shop. Guardian from npc shop is nice but getting a guardian/Holy spirit set+dr is better and they're actually quite cheap(Can be done within 5-8B) and you can use this set from level 1-400. If you try more time on the market(Helheim), you can spend less than 25B to get your AE equipped well and able to train from level 1-400 without spending more jewels.

      AE is good for beginners as they're cheap to start with. Just afk in dungeon and try to pick up horns/satan and put them on shop. Then use your earnings to get a mana/8 pendant or weapon first. Then use it to afk more in dungeon until you get enough jewels to get your AE well equipped. Then afk in elbeland 3 for higher killing rate.


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        If you want to play the game for free, better check my farming guide because trying to level up is the biggest newbie trap in this game.

        Items grant you actual power, and that power in turn increases your character's efficiency at treasure hunting. Higher level character needs more expensive items to maintain efficiency, which means characters at the higher level are going to suck if you fail to afford the basic equipment to match their levels.

        If you level up and find yourself unable to play the majority of the contents/events/hunts, you've already fallen to the newbie trap. It is actually quite intuitive to realize that character level doesn't always help you, but in this game it is a primary concern and is very important to be successful if you are going f2p.


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          Any chances you could link me your guide? I just came back from a LONG break, got a lvl150 party (EE, DL, DK, DW, AE) and could really use some help on where to farm. I've got like 90c, 220b, 20s and 472kk zen... Not even sure what I should be looking to buy/farm to update my chars. Any help will be really appreciated.
          Also have loads of imps, angels and unirias...

          What should I do with all this atm?
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