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  • Punish build

    whats the best build for a DL punish (legal ertels)

    im lvl 420 aprox with kundun madness blade+7 ertels 776

    would it be the same build for ertels 101010?

    theres a legend mu server out there for testing but i dont know if it is fixed like gmo


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    Punish is base of agility stat...

    Legend mu is not the same as GMO... Even enhance skills tree is bug from legend compared to GMO official and polish data from Mu korea.

    I have no idea what is the minimal agility stat required for punish to be activated. But one thing for sure is check your pentagram elemental attack power..

    Elemental attack power (Ele Atk Pwr) should at least exceed 900 to 1000..

    and this only applies for weaker opposite elemental.
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      ADL is the best but there are considerations.

      Since you need to break monster elemental defense and agility don't increase it, what you need to have is just enough ELE ATK to break defense of your target monster. This is greatly affected by errtels and pentagram choice.
      Elemental maximum ATK of DL is STR/6+ENE/10, if you have minimum STR to equipment and want to use lyra, you may need 10/10/10 errtels with specific options to break monster defense, barely.

      Most punish DLs are not pure ADL but hybrid, with only 1k~1.6k AGI, getting much STR to break defense and energy to sustain high attack speed, otherwise mana buff may be needed, cash AG buff is must-have in any case.


      • Yamakuzo
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        AG seeds working well also- with propper tree and max agility you wont run out AG with seeds.

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      for break def in ferea u need 1000+ ele atk power


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        tnx all for your responses i was testing in legend mu and i knew someting was worng.

        Id0n7Kn0w, you say tat i need 1000+ ele atack power to break defense in ferea, were can i see tat info?? and for giers maps like nixies or deep dungeon?

        tnx again


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          with 1000+ u can punish until nixie i says it from my experience , deep dungeon1-5 and SOD i dont know
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            does Punich work well on ESM with 700+? or it just best suit for agi type. and may i ask those cheap punich ertels 7/7/7 safe to buy?


            • Turel
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              They're not safe to buy. In fact, not even expensive errtels are safe to buy. Webzen has been proven to ban people who made their own errtels too.

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            Can anyone share screens of bouth trees for agi dl about lvl 1000+?
            im wana reset oblivion tree, and wana build correct 800+ tree.


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              I would like to correct something that people have said in the previous posts. I have ~900 elemental attack and I CAN break defence of WEAK element even in cubera mines.


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                use my calculator elm dmg excel

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                  what happens with punish when reaching lvl 800?


                  • ClaireVic
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                    Still, they have punish over the weakest opposite elemental monster.