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  • Item shop on website

    if i want buy somethink in item shop , i got this information (the item shop cannot be accessed from your country ) , allready i live in belgium .
    why is it like that ??
    please help

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    Belgian government made a new law regarding dishonest gambling practices in video games.
    The law states that if you sell a lootbox, or something of that sort, you must inform the customer what are the % chances of getting items out of the lootbox.
    Webzen doesn't want to obey that law, and prefers to scam people through making events like roulette events. You can win, for example, rare tickets, but the chance for winning a rare ticket is never officially stated by webzen, because if they told you that a chance of winning is 0.01%, then you wouldn't fall for their scam.
    Thus, Webzen decided to ban all ingame purchases in Belgium. If more countries established the same law as Belgium, they'd be forced to bend over and post REAL rates of winning in their shitty pay to win events.


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      if it be for sure on steam it s benn the same

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      and where you see scam in item shop for real money ???

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    Turel is correct. WEBZEN has blocked players living in certain countries from purchasing any item in the Item Shop. It is because of the local government laws in these areas.

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      MULLVAD - problem solved.
      Originally posted by WigleGamer
      The hacker character: Yamakuzo from guild ddteam in helheim

      Originally posted by PhodeCRE

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      get out from here


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        I got the same problem. It is strange that I was able to buy Wcoins but I can not spend them. Have you got guys any advise about what to do now? And if I'm from Nederlands I will be never able to use item shop? How to get max lvl then......
        Thank you in advance for all kind of replays


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          I hear using VPN can get you around this, as the blockage is based on your IP location.