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  • PVM / Gold farm

    Who is better for:
    1) Solo PVM
    2) Party PVM (3 and 5 setup)
    3) gold and bosses farm

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    For solo farm there are some good chars as AMG/ESM.
    For party the best is the ESM.
    For hunt DL is the best nowadays.



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      Solo farming
      Tank (recommended): AE, S/ABK, AMG, AGL
      Attacker: S/E hybrid BK, SM, EMG, SDL/EDL, SUM, VRF

      Party farming
      Tank: AE, AMG
      Attacker: SBK, SM, EMG, S/ADL. ARF
      Support: Hybrid/EBK, ASM, EE, EDL, CDL, ASUM, ERF, SGL

      Event/boss hunter (solo):

      The best solo zen farmer is probably AGL, and the best chaos/event ticket farmer is probably AE.

      How many jewel you can farm in free to play from 1 to 400 full f2p? An AE with specialized setup could farm 700~1500 bless before even reaching level 400, although that will take 6~10 months afk 24/7 and trading a lot of items.

      I've confirmed that 30k kills per day routine is possible with lone AE in E3 which makes her superior to DL, on par with EMG at Lv260+, and she use cheap gear while EMG needs good staff and and can only achieve 30k kills a day in a specific spot in d2. E3 farming is possibly the cheapest and fastest way to get jewels directly from afk, while d2 farming would heavily depend on price of dinos.
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      nice. thx U
      if i want afk-farming, i can use 3-5 windows with AE f2p
      but if i want play in interesting game... for solo better SM (how many agility i need?), SDL or AGL... solo, i mean... class who have good exping, can kill boses and take events... good KSer)

      just now i try AE and SM... SM look like weak class, and i think to create SDL or AGL, what do U think?


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        ESM is best play solo right now, he can PSN himself, he can SB himself, and even teleport if needed ^^

        DL is also pro cuse have horse which works almost like sb allows him to hunt solo


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          Unable to run events or high level character being "too weak" to do the things you want, are usually budget problem, or you don't understand how to properly equip a character to reach the entry-level status needed.

          For instance, almost any class can solo DS5 with 1.5k bless budget, but they will be using different equipment that fit their build to balance out offense and defense.
          SM, without using xshop, will need heavy defensive equipment and powerful socket staff to be effective at soloing events or boss.

          Tank class are recommended for solo because they have a lower budget requirement to get things done, like AMG/AE/AGL can solo bc4 using items total less than 300b, and non-ML events may be ran by a budget as low as 60b, and they can farm more effectively with no shop buffs available.
          Unlike the attacker class, a properly configured tank class farmer cannot die at spot due to lag, runs no potions. This is a very big advantage as dying due to pot running out, lag or dc can be very stressful at the higher levels. Although being the most efficient zen hunters and event runners they are not that effective at ks however.

          AGL is strong against boss but weak in events except bc.

          DL is just as expensive as SM to be effective at ML. The biggest problem of DL is that he has bad efficiency when alone, unless you have bunch of illegal r3 errtels. He will likely require at least ee to run most events or do boss hunt.

          For spot ks SM, EMG, DL, SUM, A/ERF are fine (ARF is the strongest by far but very troublesome to be f2p). For bc ks AE and DL have advantage.


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            1) main DL + EE+GL(sDL)
            2) main SM +EE+GL(sDL)

            3) main GL(sDL) +EE+SM
            4) aGL+AE+SM (tank party) )))

            what is better?
            and... exp in gold server)

            (i start to play 1 week ago, budget is too low (maybe 20-60B right now)
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              Then don't try to rush level, try to get a budget instead.

              I think only the tank class characters can tolerate a 60b budget at level 270+ (around 30b wing, 10b exc set, 15b weapons+pendant and 5b misc items) and be effective at farming. A single character need this budget. An attacker class for solo or party usually need 250b+ at that level to be effective.

              At master level (400+) for good farming setup, at least the weapons and wings would cost hundreds of blesses for each single piece. Even the tank class would start asking for around 500b budget or they may cease to perform well, although with proper items they can be much more profitable compared to the low level farmers.

              You may p2p to bypass level and item grinding to some extent, but without a decent budget all class sux at master level because you have to kill monsters above level 95 to gain experience above Lv400, and your character will not be ready to hunt them while producing a reasonable profit.

              You may try to grind some jewels and essential items such as farmer set and wings. You may also try to make a character for cc1 or cc2, join it whenever you can trying to pick up some jewels. Entry-level item only require a relatively small budget to make the event playable.

              If you want to level up fast with no in-game budget but only p2p, it may be better to wait until next speed server opening. It will cost a lot of money to reach level 650 to gain the reward sets, and those sets aren't that great really (those only leave your character "playable", which is far from strong or effective for hunt).


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                10x one more time..

                what do you think about next situation:
                1) aGL (cheap) + EE (cheap) + eSM (expensive, but it will be my main)...
                or better:
                2) aGL (cheap) + AE (cheap) + aSM (buffer)... and after some time, when i get more jewels i can reset stats to eSM+EE+GL

                and, when will start new server?

                for PvM better set +DD or +Rate?
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                • BBRG
                  BBRG commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Both will work... 1 is better for running events while 2 is better for hunting boss
                  With good weapons you don't need ee, even in devil square party 2 will be fine in this setup without reset.
                  Both require similar budget at the higher levels but 2 is cheaper to startup.

                  There is no news about when there will be another speed server but I guess they will host another in 6~10 months. You can try to grind for jewels now so that you may afford decent socket weapons and 3rd wings when you reach those levels.

                  +zen set with low level socket weapon stuffed with high level seeds is one of the best setup for farming.
                  +dsr will be very useful before moving to elemental maps. They will remain useful for running events for tank class characters, especially in gaion. This option may be completely useless when fighting elemental monsters.
                  +hp/+dd is good for hunting event or boss, but can be wasteful for farming

                  Each additional option will increase "npc value" of an item, so unneeded options will achieve nothing but increasing your farming upkeep because their repair cost are higher, this will not become apparent until you are using items that has very high npc value such as high-end weapons and exc ba/da sets that are of high item level and/or jol upgrade, your character may cease to produce a profit when afk if you are careless because of the unsustainable repair cost.

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                im noob in this game))

                just in my mind:
                1) party 1 has 1 good dd in solo target (aGL) + aoe DD (eSM) + baff and heal (how i understood with high ENE, ee no need potions for heal, MP regen too high)... and in some cases i can use eSM+EE

                2) i has strong tanks under SB buff who noneed too much heal

                right now i has eSM / AE / EE (better change AE or EE to aGL?)


                • Ha1ryElbow
                  Ha1ryElbow commented
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                  I prefer to have aoe and distance chars if possible.
                  For example with sm+AE+ee in pt. Sm and AE will just turn around to kill mobs, while pick up loot can just ee. So 2 chars can concentrate only in dps.
                  While gl need to run over entire spot, if sm is good killer - gl just makes last shot usually. Running takes more time, than killing.
                  But it depends of level gaps, gear, builds, etc...

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                BBRG is there a way that I can contact you? In game/message/mail? You seem very knowledgeable and I'm new and wanted to discuss a few things with you.