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  • Need some advice for farming

    Hi, i just came back after few years. I have lvl 380 aRF with rave set. i need to farm jewels for 3rd wing. Could you guys give some advice for the fast way?

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    you need to use several mu windows with different accounts at same time to maximize your farm revenue, is your PC powerful enough to have 3-4 MU's open ?
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      Also try to go all CC you can, CC still the best event to obtain jewels.



      • (VM)Javiercar
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        Also gaion orders and Imps!

      • SevenScars
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        I seem to always get 100,000 zen from my CC reward box.

      • Blazerandr
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        I made dinos in Titan and can farm a little of bless, but now in Alfheim the prices come down...

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      I don't know how you farm but I can show how much I farmed in 14hours during egg event:

      2360 is ice arrow exc dmg which may kill grizzly in one hit.

      Muse Elf Lv192
      Build: 224STR for bow, rest AGI
      Weapon: Exc Celestial +0+12+s+xdmg+mana
      Equipment: Exc holyspirit +0+x+zen, pend +xdmg, ring +zen/+dsr, wings of elf+0, newbie penta

      I literally created this elf just to equip this bow and +zen set I found myself in gaion, except one armor part was bought to complete the set. I believe this is less than 30b worth of equipments.


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        guys, and about me? I can open 6-7 clients but i use all my chars in PT to lvl up at Ubaid. All my chars are in lvl 400-410. I don't have a good farm. How can I Improve?


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          Originally posted by Blazerandr View Post
          guys, and about me? I can open 6-7 clients but i use all my chars in PT to lvl up at Ubaid. All my chars are in lvl 400-410. I don't have a good farm. How can I Improve?
          The best way is to hunting egg of monsters or playing during events like rabbits or evomon snakes. Playing cc is also a way but might be hard without good equipment, however you can always obtain a few jewels in cc by killing mobs.


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            Like I always said the most important thing is planning. Without proper plan you will be high level without proper gear that will struggle to do anything.
            Farming alone decently at Lv400~430+ require at least 500b worth of equipment on a single character. Some class even cannot solo farm well at this budget.
            3 or 4-man party is actually quite effective if well-planned, but you still need expensive weapons for two attackers.

            Ubaid doesn't spawn egg monsters, so you may have some characters solo in swamp easy area instead if they can't solo ubaid.
            If you don't have dsr characters they probably cannot use pet 24/7 solo at this level so it is going to be ineffective.

            Once you reach level 450 your hunters can have defense increase and pet strengthener, that they may farm alone using cheap gear and equip pets 24/7. ML hunters start to steamroll at level 510~520 as they learn both pet strengthener and ruud skill, but equipment can be a huge factor especially for characters that are AG limited (especially SM, MG and DL).

            At worst if you don't have good equipment you will need level 600 to properly solo - using cheap xda armor set and ML tree to fix all AG issues. This is ineffective as at lower level you gain higher exp killing the same monster (therefore zen drop is higher and upkeep cost lower), you could have gained hundreds of bless by level 600 if you could solo farm eariler using expensive gear. It is a strong reason why I keep saying 1k bless is required to play an ML character, without the budget you will waste a lot of time leveling up without getting proper wealth to sustain character growth, and the gap can grow bigger as you level up.

            Post ML solo farming usually emphasize on defense and low upgrade expensive weapon, which is associated with cheap upkeep cost. For some class +zen set can be very effective.
            Party farming mainly focus on firepower, by killing spawn almost instantly and effective use of junk picker to gain additional zen.