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[Class Guide] All About Magic Gladiator

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  • (VL)Hemlock
    started a topic [Class Guide] All About Magic Gladiator

    [Class Guide] All About Magic Gladiator

    Hello, Mutizens!

    I'm creating this topic after the success of the poll where I asked players if they would like to see sticked topics about builds, master skill tree, tips and so on for each class. So, please, make use of it!

    Since there might be more than one kind of build for a class, be specific whenever requesting help or posting informations.

    To newcomers or players that are learning, avoid asking for help without provide any information. Do your homework, make some tests, gather up some doubts and do the questions related to them. Many players dedicated lot of their time in order to learn something or discover good combinations, so don't expect to receive everything easily and respect if someone refuses to share specific details, after all, things like that is what makes a character stand out in the crowd!

    We are here to help each other and, maybe, discover new things, so, please, keep the environment clean and friendly...



    EDIT 07/05/2015

    Adding some reference links to Magic Gladiator informations:

    The old topic dissapeared due to an unexpected error and couldn't be resurrected, so here we go again^^

  • Ashade

    I have a question for eMG players.
    Is there any difference between Dark Blast and Meteor Strike skills until level 800, except for different element? Both seem to have the same range/damage/cost/3-hit attack. Maybe AoE is a bit different?

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  • Bgshadow
    Hi guys,

    I'm building an AMG and the Master Skill Tree of my char is at the stage shown below.

    There are two things that I am now puzzled by:

    1) I'm wondering if I made a mistake with the HP recovery as I am going for STR now for the Ruud skill.

    2) Could you guys please advise if I should proceed with DSR or the durability line next?

    Thanks for your support!

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  • Wiwixu

    I have returned to Mu after 12 years. I see that all changed and it is more complicated for me. New max Lvl, new classes, pentagrams, elements, and so on...
    My main character is a MG 350, I bought a gold ticket, pet, ring and buff to get LVL 380 fast.
    My MG was thought in hybrid build, but now all is different, I'm not sure what to do.
    My build in Lvl 350 was around 1200/1000/25x/140. Looking at many videos about MG now in 390 I' adapted my build to this 1308/1400/26/152. I decreased Vit and added this to Agi. I think only continue adding full Str, I'm not sure.
    From Lvl 350 I'm using Gaion Set +9+L + Anubis+9 and Ring+DD+DSR and I can survive in Akamar without problem.
    I'm here to make a lot of questions about my MG and ask for recommendations. Also, I'm poor T_T, keep it in mind for the answers.

    1- At Lvl 350 I was using SoD+7+Xdmg+life/8 x2, with these swords I can stay in Akamar forever without use HP or MP potions with Fire Slash skill. Now with RBS+9+Xdmg+skill+AG x2 I'm missing the Life/8, because now I need HP and MP pots to survive using the same skill, using Flame Strike I waste more MP pots. The question is: What do you recommend to me to solve this issue? I try changing again to SOD, but I get less Exp because the AG cost of the RBS are helping me to kill faster to get more exp.

    2- I read and watched videos about a SMG can use Gaion+Anubis until lvl 600+ and I can change Anubis with other gloves to get more def, and get the ring slot free for another ring+DD a least. My question is: Which gloves do you recommend me? Gloves Lvl 380 or 400 exe or socket and if the answer is socket, which sockets do you recommend?

    3- My build... I know that MG is only for PvM, and I'm looking for a PvM build able to get good, fast attack and the most important the viability to survive alone, not on all maps, but in the most possible. I research about full Agi option, but I like more the hybrid option. What is your recommendation based on my current build? If my build is garbage I'm open and able to new ideas to update it.

    4- Fire Slash or Flame Strike? I'm using a penta Gladiator Dagger Fire 12 11. I think that Flame Strike gives a bonus for the penta fire, but it wastes a lot of MP and in the short future the new skill at Lvl 400 with the master tree. At the end of the day, I'm full in AG with 0 in MP and taking the HP pots slowly. Waiting the promised death after finish my last HP pot. I don't know if is a good idea to change 1 RBS for a SoD+mana/8 and use RBS+SoD?

    5- After 12 years all is new for me, and the consumption of jewels is more intense compared to the past, where can I farm these jewels? I try the classic CC, BC and DS but with poor results.

    I think that these are my main questions, I read that I need the Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra Fire 1234 which costs around 300b, I hope to get it in the future. I will not ask about the master tree because I don't have it yet, but there are little guides and I think the most important is the AG reduce, def and HP.

    I hope you could understand my questions, ideas and sorry for the long post and my bad English.
    Thanks to all for your answers.

    sMG 390

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  • Chopinx
    Hello everyone,

    I have a few questions about MG class in general and wonder if anyone would have an answer. I am trying to understand better the MG class.

    1st question:
    I just realize that MG gain more Attack Power with energy points than with strength. the question is being the case that Energy will give you higher Attack power(not wizardry) than Strength. Why do Strength MG who uses swords still prefer to add Strength instead of energy. The formula for Attack power for MG is Energy/4 Strength/8.

    2nd question:
    I am trying to think about the reason that MG gain more attack power using energy than strength. the melee attacks from mg like Fire blood and Ice blood. Do they gain any skill damage based on energy? or do they benefit in any way per Energy points? I wonder about this since the highest the energy the highest your attack power will be. I come to the conclusion that if you want to have the highest Attack power using swords and melee skills should have higher energy.

    3rd question:
    I see many people using a lot of agility also instead of strength and/or energy and wonder if your main objective is to deal the most damage per second in PVM will agility still be the preferred stat or would it be energy/strength?

    Thank you so much for reading all this and if I said something inaccurate please correct me and appreciate your help.

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    commented on 's reply
    Aresilient I just put 10 points on fireslash and didn't put any points on flamestrike. When I was afk'ng at low level I use the 3 skill then later end up using only iceblood(i use water Lyra penta) afk after having no problem on AG. My AG inc in 1st tree and AG max on mid tree are both 20/20 and using both xswords with +speed on it.

  • Aresilient
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks Darkcrawle and MGMGsMGaMGMGrMGaMGpM, i will focus on getting a Fire Lyra with Max Errtels(with Punish)and from both of ya advice, I can see MST Green Tree is kinda OP, helps alot!
    Just a few noobish questions from me: IF i am getting the fire Penta in the future, do i skip the Fire Slash& Mastery in Blue Tree and add in Flame Strike because its Fire element?

    commented on 's reply
    Darkcrawle is right, to advance to ferea you need Lyra(any element) with max ertels. I trained in free channel and the path I go is to unlock first the 1st tree and then unlock the middle tree until I got the ruud skill. At 620 level I can solo Ferea with not so pro items but it is best if you can get the ada set for mg to survive there easily.

  • Darkcrawle
    commented on 's reply
    Hello. I'm playing aMG too. IMO you have 2 possible paths to the MST. Both are valids, and it depends on what you feel you need.
    1) go for 50 points in green tree. Reduction(1)>>Mana Recovery>>Reduction(2)>> Defense >>Reduction(3)
    This gives you the possibility of using perma imp and gives you 333 defense, both are crucial to killing in ferea i think.
    2)Go for ruud skill in Blue tree.
    It adds a significant amount of damage and HP. If you feel that the defense is not nessesary right now this is the best way.
    There is not more to it. Eventualy you will have both trees at level 500, so not that "life or death" situation.
    When you learn the Ruud skill you will want a fire penta, bonus points for lyra. Until then dark is better IMO.
    Last edited by Darkcrawle; 27-02-20, 12:12 AM.

  • Aresilient
    Need help in Master Skill Tree, Stats and items for an AMG

    Hi, its Season 14 S2, my love for MG still continue, everyone getting Summoner (hahaha), looking into videos (Gaming Peru, had to turn on translator), and also thanks to Javiercar & BBRG in the MG thread, but its my first time getting a character after level 400. Stopped about 2 season, and now i m back.

    Mission: I want to build a PVM MG for Boss Hunt, Zen earning, No PVP for me (I am a kind soul), will appreciate all advice

    My Current Stats:
    Level 411
    STR 950
    AGI 1840
    STA 87
    EnE 132

    create 51/100 Fruit, 9 PTS Remaining

    ABA Extremity Set +11+16
    Wing of Ruin+11+16wiz
    Pair Asura+9+L+12+SS10(XDMG+SKILL+AG)
    Pendent DK F.O
    Pentagram Kundun Madness Blade+9 Dark ( cheap errtel ) - Elemental offense and defence ~100% to all element
    Pair Ring+DSR
    Earring Left +200

    AFK Farming in Nars now (Knight hit me 99+) Wind, Mini-game DS and BC only 0-3max per day.

    -I don't know how to advance to Ferea Map, I die in Ferea easily.
    -Should I try learn new skill first? or go Green First in MST?
    - Need advice for Stats allocations
    - What items should i go for? Fire Lyra? or Dark?
    Thank you!
    Last edited by Aresilient; 22-02-20, 07:46 AM.

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  • Darkcrawle
    commented on 's reply
    +0 ancient atlans is a thing of past seasons, now with aBA and xBA you dont want to put that many points in str.
    You most likely will need an ee before 400 doesnt matter which set you use, so its better to go low str, only for the staff, and use evis+anubis or garuda until you get aBA or xBA.
    For the stats, most high level characters depend on punish to kill mobs, so they use a lot of AGI, like 1500+, which gives ELE def too, Str for staff and rest ENE (you should have more than enough for dark blast).
    Items that are a must are IMO, good 3rd wings(+11-14), good staffs (Baa, Deadly with xdmg skill lvl, xBA) and a bloodangel set, ancient or exelent. In that order.
    Pentagrams, you can survive with any 300 penta+7/9 with cheap errtels until 600, where not having a Lyra and punish become a liability. Errtel 999 or max are only necessary at 700+ IMO, where you cannot break ele def from the mobs without it. Obviously having a Lyra 1234 with max errtels at level 400 will help you, but it shouldnt be a priority.

  • KovinisBananas
    Can anyone help with an EMG build? I Just returned to the game. Lvl 42x.
    Stats: Str for Muren armor (something like 490)
    Agility: rest
    Vitality: Base
    Energy: 2k+

    Muren set (+0/4 as STR allows) + gaion
    2x deadly staff +9+12+L (xdmg speed ag + xdmg life mana)
    3d wings+9
    Blue cat
    Don't have a decent pent because I quit a long time ago, will pick up a lv300 pent+7 with at least 3 slots for starters

    I heard people use emgs with +0 ancient atlans (storm crow) sets, how should I build my emg? Stats? Master levels? What items are a must? Thanks in advance.

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  • Martone
    Thank you very much sir.

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  • Darkcrawle
    commented on 's reply
    Please read my other comment slow and you will have the answers to your questions..

    Wiz 2% stacks if its the exe option you are talking about..

    no, you will have the increases wizardry % of the main weapon only.
    Last edited by Darkcrawle; 02-01-20, 08:06 PM.

  • Martone
    So, having Wiz +2% on both weapons doesn't stack, correct? and other options too?

    Also, staff has "Increases Wizardry by %", does that add up if I use 2 staffs? Like, if I use a staff with Increases Wizardry 50%, I will have 100% increase if I use 2 staffs?
    Last edited by Martone; 02-01-20, 08:17 AM.

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