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MU Formulas (MP, HP, Def...)

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  • MU Formulas (MP, HP, Def...)

    Let's go deep into how Mu calculations on HP options and boosters are made!
    On normal level char without HP and set bonuses or ML stats is easy:

    Naked BK HP:858
    Naked BK with ring+4%HP:858*1.04=892.32
    Naked BK with ring 2 rings+4% HP: 858*1.08=926.64 (not exactly like this, but simplyfing)
    (Note that the 4% is applied of base hp, not the one resulting after first ring+hp, or otherwise it would be 858*1.04*1.04=928 HP, which is not the case)
    BK with an ancient set that gives +15 vit: 858+15*3=903
    BK with an ancient set that gives +15 vit and a ring +4% HP: 858*1.04+15*3=937.32
    So yeah, ancient stats are NOT affected by it, because otherwise it would be: 903*1.04=939.32 which is not the case.

    Let's move to a ML char.
    SM without any HP modifier except from Tree and ML Stats: 30+799+113*2+766=1821
    SM with a ring+4% HP: ( 30+799+15*2)*1.04+98*2+766=1855.36
    So yeah, master level HP doesn't get raised by 4% option, but surprisingly (or buggedly lol) Master level HP stats doesn't either
    Following the logic of the example before, if we add a 5 ancient parts +5sta: ( 30+799+15*2)*1.04+25*2+98*2+766
    So if we add the last part of my gear (shield with +hp option): ( 30+799+15*2)*1.08+25*2+98*2+766=1939.72

    So in general, for any char formula is:
    (Base HP
    + Level HP
    + Stamina Points (from stats) HP)
    * HP boosters

    + HP from ancient items and options
    + HP from Master Level Stats
    + HP from Master Level HP increase
    + HP from BA/DA items

    Things left for testing:
    Stats from EE Bless
    Vit from earth seed
    %HP option from seed
    Increase Max Life from ancients

    My guess is that all that those will be added at the end without being multiplied (and that %HP from socket will work same way as excellent), but my gear/chars doesn't allow me to test that.

    Lets now check how Life sweall(23%) works:
    SM with ancient set, but no ring +hp or shield: ( 30+799+15*2)*1.23+25*2+98*2+766=2068

    Notice that the correct way to add this HP % increase options is actually like this (But I simplified on the examples avobe because the results didn't change at all)
    30+799+15*2)+25*2+98*2+766 (1871)
    HP Sweal: ( 30+799+15*2)*0.23=197.57 Truncated to 197
    HP option: ( 30+799+15*2)*0.04=34.36 again, truncated to 34
    HP Option2: ( 30+799+15*2)*0.04=34.36 again, truncated to 34
    Which of course, matches in-game result:
    If we would skip this truncating operations, result would be ( 30+799+15*2)*1.31+25*2+98*2+766=2137, so you can skip it if you want to make your own calculations faster :P
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    If I remember well, there is a minor issue with rings +HP and seeds calculation that sometimes force players to take the rings off and put them back in order to correct the final HP. Lets see...

    If you need to send a ticket to customer support, go HERE, find your issue and click on it. Otherwise, use this ALTERNATIVE WAY.
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      thnx, this info i was loking some time ago. can test BA items+life and exc+4% increse? wich hp i going first in formula?


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        edited my post to add that.

        PS: your post actually inspired me to research and make this topic.

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      Mana calculations:
      Total mana with level poins, energy stats and master level: 799*2+1700*2+567+98*2=5761
      Mana when adding a ring +4%: (799*2+100*2)*1.04+567+98*2=5960
      Mana when adding an ancient part, so i get+50 bonus mana from anubis: (799*2+1700*2)*1.04+567+98*2+50=6010
      Mana when I removed the ancient part, but I add a ba helm+165 mana: (799*2+1700*2)*1.04+567+98*2+165=6125
      Mana when adding an anubis ring+0+10+3%HP (which in reality is giving 3%mana too!): (799*2+1700*2)*1.03+567+98*2+20+50=5980

      So in general, for any char formula is:
      (Base Mana (in SM cas it's 0)
      + Level MP
      + Energy Points (from stats) MP)
      * MP boosters

      + MP from ancient items and options
      + MP from Master Level Stats
      + MP from Master Level HP increase
      + MP from BA/DA items
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        Change the topic title then, nab! :P


      • (VM)Javiercar
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        done, even though mana points are not a very big interest, except in decripting builds maybe. And knowing that if any high level sm got an even number as mana, he probably misscliked when adding points in tree^^

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      Defense calculation:
      Without any defense item: 152(from agility)+411(ML def)+175 (Steel def)=738
      Equipping wings: 152+411+175+126(wings)+16(wing opt)+66(def from Eternal Wing PowUp)=946
      Now equipping Anub+Barnake+9+16+L: 152+411+175+126+16+66+403(from set)=1349
      Now I switch set to Dark soul+15+16+L, so I get a 30% defense bonus, but as you might guess, that bonus is not applied on total defense:
      (152+126+16+20+615(def from DS set)*1.3+411+175+66+39(defense from full set mastery)=1898
      Another example of bonus: full set: eclipse+13+16+DD
      (152+126+16+20+533(def from eclipse set)*1.2+411+175+66+39=1707

      So in general, formula goes like this:
      (Def from agility
      +Def from items)
      *Set bonus (*1.05-1.3)
      +Master Level Bonuses
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        In order to help, here is a more detailed formula:

        (StatusDef + ShieldDef + SetDef + WingsDef) * SetBonus + MST Skills [DefInc + SteelArmor + ArmorSetBonusInc + WingsDefPowUp + DarkHorseStr(1) +ShieldStr]


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        Cheers!! Thank you

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      So the best Useful HP is that you get innate (from stamina stats) so it increases Recovery (from Rings, Mastery and Pots) and HPExe Opt
      ​Needs to test if Stamina Stats from ML applies too.


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        To exc HP% STA stats from ML doesnt, it is actually specified in the formula at the end.
        To HP recovery, since it actually works from total max hp, every HP point is useful.
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          Thank you for the very useful post, Javier!

          Offtopic: Indeed the way the Master Level Stats work is kinda disappointing. Agility does not affect elemental dmg/def calculations, Stamina is not affected by HP multipliers, etc. I wonder if MST agility does affect the SB % for SM


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            They do, even ancient stats work for SB. I remember testing that for another thread or in some of my videos.
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              I changed the topic title and stuck it...
              Atk formula is still a mystery! LOL

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                Will try to get on it :P

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              Another small formula to add: Absorb calculation

              100* (1-mount% absorb)*(1-Wings Absorb %)*(1-Soul Barrier%)*(1-pet% absorb (angel))=X
              Now, round X up, your actual absorb is 100-X' (X rounded up)

              Just Wings:
              69% absorb

              100*(1-0.69)*(1-0.44)=17.36, rounds up to 18
              100-18=82% absorb

              100*(1-0.69)*(1-0.44)*(1-0.1)=15.624, rounds up to 16
              100-16=84% absorb

              100*(1-0.69)*(1-0.44)*(1-0.1)*(1-0.2)=12.4492, rounds up to 13
              100-13=87% absorb

              Another example,now with DL:
              Just with cape:
              52% absorb

              100-24=76% absorb

              100*(1-0.52)*(1-0.5)*(1-0.44)=13.44 , rounds up to 14
              100-14=86% absorb

              100*(1-0.52)*(1-0.5)*(1-0.44)*(1-0.2)=10.752 , rounds up to 11
              100-11=89% absorb
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                HP Potions Ignores HP Points from ML Tree, if you have 0 stamina build potions dont heal even 30% of HP - Needs to be corrected ASAP, take in count MAXIMUM HP you have
                Elemental Defense ignores Points from Agility from ML - Needs to be corrected ASAP taking in count ALL the AGILITY you have.


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                Max AG formula (SM): 0.2*ene+0.3*sta+0.4*agi+0.2*str+ Maximun AG Increase (middle tree ML skill)

                AG regen: 2+MaxAG/33.3+ Automatic AG Recovery Increase (left tree ML Skill) % *Max AG

                My max AG is 1952*0.2+253*0.3+673*0.4+409*0.2+162= 979 and I regen 106 every tick
                which matches: 2+979/33.3+0.0771*979=106
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                  Pretty sure that SB formula (10+agi/50+ene/200+sb mastery) doesn't count decimals anymore... why they change this kind of things to worse? lol
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                    Since I came back to this thread, let's add a bit more:

                    Elemental dmg/def formulas (SM)

                    Elemental Min Damage (SM): Energy (without ML stats)/9 +Pentagram Min Dmg +Anger (+Integrity+Radiance) +Pentagram upgrade level
                    SM with 1384 energy,no penta:
                    Adding a Kundun Madness pentagram+9 with Anger Rank 1+7, rank2 +3

                    Elemental Max Damage (SM): Energy (without ML stats)/6 +Pentagram Max Dmg +Anger (+Integrity+Radiance) +Pentagram upgrade level
                    SM with 1834 energy, no penta:
                    Adding the same pentagram:

                    Elemental Attack rate: Round[(lvl*5+(Agility with ML and Ancient stats)*3/2+ (Strengh with ML and Ancient stats)/4]*Integrity Errtel %
                    Without pentagram
                    With pentagram:

                    This is where it gets weird!!
                    Another SM, with ML and ancient stats
                    This is really strange because usually ML and ancient stats do NOT work for elemental system at all

                    Elemental Defense (SM): Agility(without ML stats)/4+ Pentagram Defense +Blessing (+Divinity+Radiance)
                    Without pentagram:
                    With pentagram

                    Elemental Defense Rate: Agility without ML stats)/3*Divinity Errtel %
                    Without pentagram
                    Note that I do have 520+88+64 from ML tree stats and Ancient set, but they don't work this time:
                    With Pentagram equiped:
                    Round (520/3)*1.14=197

                    Elemental Imprint

                    I struggle to figure it out totally, but this is what I have:
                    Level 300 penta got a base imprint of 36 at +9 too.
                    All Errtels +0 give base imprint 7, even defensive ones, which might seem counterintuitive.
                    Errtels +3/5/6 give same amount of imprint than +0.
                    Rank 2+0/3 errtels give 9
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