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    Everytime succesfully attacking an enemy you have 50% chance to recover ur Hp by ....

    My question is, i have 10/20 with my bm but till now i dont see any difference, im afk in party ferea hs but i really want to know if thats only against pvp or pvm....

    I guess the word "enemy" can be understand by many ways so i hope any good player with that options in his build can give me an answer about this and how to use it...

    ty and sorry for my english !

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    Normally when you attack a monster you should see your HP dropping (for BM you lose 3 HP per successful hit you made because of the wings, and combined with imp and dino the deduction value will increase to 7.5), that skill should counteract this by recovering your HP at a chance.

    You can barely feel the HP drain from wings/imps when your HP is over 1k. The only way to tell is looking at the HP number - the skill should recover your life by a little when you are hitting something, if the amount recovered is more than the double of HP you are losing from wings etc.

    As you will recover HP equal to the monster level when you kill a monster (fera mobs are over level 120), if it takes only a few hits to kill one you will not find this skill recovering significant amounts of HP.


    • Regulus90
      Regulus90 commented
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      ty a lot ! now i got it, but as i think was a really bad option to use my 10 points

      isnt it?

    • (VM)Javiercar
      (VM)Javiercar commented
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      maybe on a BM which has already high base HP is not the most important skill, but on low HP chars it definately helps!

    • (VL)s0uLLess
      (VL)s0uLLess commented
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      You must understand that this has an AOE effect, so if you consider a low HP char like Javier mentioned and with a good AOE skill, this is pretty powerful! Like Meteor Storm from DW or Wind Soul from DL...


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    I think it’s a complete waste for any character.

    The only time this would be more useful than life/8 is vs a boss mob kill it once, but I would still rather add 10 points to hp recovery instead.