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[Guide] Mu helper pickup item keywords: tricks and tips

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  • [Guide] Mu helper pickup item keywords: tricks and tips

    As the maximum number of strings you can register is 25, you have to be picky about it if you afk for hours.

    Known rules:
    - The entered keyword is a search function, if an item contain all the keywords in a single entry, the helper will pick it up
    - "Luck", "Option", "Socket" are valid keywords. Although socketed items don't have a keyword indication, elemental items have.
    - It only notice the name of the item when it is on the ground
    - It may be case sensitive and a bit bugged, so avoid capital letters whenever possible

    Low level:
    "niria" - Uniria
    "ign of" - Sign of Lord, Sign of Dimensions. If you only enter "ign" it can pick up GRC as junk
    "aper" - Suspicious Paper
    "ox" - BOL, BOK, sealed golden and silver boxes
    "ox of" - Box of Luck, Box of Kundun (doesn't pick up sealed boxes)
    "old ox" - Sealed golden boxes
    "ymbo" - Symbol of Kundun
    "emon" - Demon Eye, Demon Key
    "ngel" - Angel, Scroll of Archangel, normal BA items. May pick up angelic staff as junk
    "uar ngel" - Angel, no junk
    "cro ngel" - Scroll of archangel
    "lood" - Blood Bone
    "croll" - All types of skill scrolls, also scroll of etramu, kundun magic scroll etc. May pick up Scroll of Town Portal as junk
    "rb" - All types of skill orbs
    "archm" - All types of skill parchments
    "ummon" - All types of summon jewels
    "Ring ption" - All normal rings with option
    "endan ption" - All normal pendants with option
    "ocket" - All types of elemental pentagram

    Medium level
    "et rys" - Tetra Crystal. If you only enter "rys" it can pick up crystal sword and CMS as junk.
    "irit of" - Spirit of Dark Raven and Spirit of Dark Horse. If you only enter "irit" it may pick up many junk items for elf
    "rest" - Crest of Monarch
    "eather" - Loch Feather
    "pher" - All empty spheres

    Acheron specific
    "ragm" - Map Fragment and Mithil Fragment
    "lix" - (Brave) Hero Elixir
    "agger" - (Merciless) Gladiator's Dagger
    "ron" - Iron Shield (Lorencia, Magic)
    "ith" - Mithil (direct drop from bosses that randomly spawn in acheron)
    "undu Ma" - Kundun Madness Blade, Kundun Magic Spell Scroll
    "mpir" - Empire Guardian's Stronghold

    Optional (need specific)
    "ondor" - Condor Flame
    "kill uck" - Any weapon with +skill+luck (includes SUM offhand weapon and some shields)
    "taf uck" - Any staff with +luck
    "ed irit uck" - Any Red Spirit item +luck, use a different keyword for the specific armor sets you want to collect
    "t 3" - Elemental pentagram with 3 sockets (so that 1 or 2 socket drops are ignored)
    "t 4"

    Add your missing piece

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    Very nice and useful post. I am going to stick it.


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      Thank you a lot man very helpfull Good job


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        You dont actually need to "codify" that much in order to get those items. First or last word of each item name should work!
        Of course you may have some issues like "Spirit" word, for example, because you have too many items with "Spirit" in their name. Further more, Im not so sure if your way of getting pentagrams through socket works, because it appears differently in the floor. BTW, helper is case sensitive, so you need to write exactly how it appears in the floor ("ALT key").

        My list is something like this:

        lord (Sign of lord)
        Raven (Spirit of Raven)
        horse (Spirit of horse)
        Crest (Crest of Monarch)
        Imp (Imp pet itself)
        Uniria (Uniria pet itself)
        Angel (this could be tricky due to Angelic Staff)
        Fragment (Acheron map and mithrils)
        Sphere Tri (for spheres tri)
        Tetra (for crystal and spheres)
        Socket3 (any pentagram with 3 sockets/slots)
        Socket4 (any pentagram with 4 sockets/slots)
        Luck (If I need items with luck)
        Skill Luck (if I want to be more specific)

        For ML quest I use:
        Feather (avoid this one while killing Death Beam Knight, because we still have the 2.5 items issue)

        Good topic!

        If you need to send a ticket to customer support, go HERE, find your issue and click on it. Otherwise, use this ALTERNATIVE WAY.
        Pay attention to FORUM RULES (including MARKET SECTION RULES) and TERMS OF SERVICE before creating a topic or replying to one. Feed constructive discussions!


        • BBRG
          BBRG commented
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          I have confirmed that the keyword "irit of" picks up both spirit of darkhorse and dark raven, and without picking up any junk with the keyword "Spirit" on it. The main target of using special phases is to bypass typo on the developer's side, and using a single keyword for multiple target items you may want to collect, so that more items could be choosen given the 25 strings limit. Shorten the keyword can produce multiple hits, it just have to be long enough so that junk items are avoided.

          Something like Scroll of Cometfall on the ground will have its name changed to Scroll of Blast in the inventory, it's hard to avoid these bs but at least we can try.

        • (VL)s0uLLess
          (VL)s0uLLess commented
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          I see, well, I prefer something easier to the eyes and separated from each other, so I can quickly decide whether to keep that specific item or not depending on the situation. For example, I may want to keep all horse spirits because of their high value, but not raven ones, just because I want to leave char AFK during all the week without even leaving the spot to go to NPC. I guess this is personal tho!


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        Box of
        Spirit of
        Star uck


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          Imp: Can pick Orb of Impale as junk^^
          /True Story^^
          My Youtube Channel:


          • Throwawayaccount139
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            Depends where you afk I guess. Don’t see many dark irons dropping orbs of impale :P

          • (VL)s0uLLess
            (VL)s0uLLess commented
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            Yeah, I make use of this trick too. Most places dont drop Orb of Impale!


          • (VM)Javiercar
            (VM)Javiercar commented
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            Excuse me Mr Pros! But I afk on dev 3 okaz? :P

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          drop location
          Sphere Tri, plis
          i need


          • (VL)s0uLLess
            (VL)s0uLLess commented
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            Vulcanus, left lower exit.


          • (VM)Javiercar
            (VM)Javiercar commented
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            Actually on right ones(Blood Assasins) they drop too

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          please can you tell me where the drop dark devil shield 3skt+L?


          • (VL)s0uLLess
            (VL)s0uLLess commented
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            You will find it in Raklion dark mobs.
            Not sure which one, but I think Dark Iron Knight.
            Maybe someone can give you the detailed info.


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          Something forgot.. what about mana potion ? =DDDDD


          • BBRG
            BBRG commented
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            I realized that and actually created a keyword in speed server to pick up mana potions. It is also useful if you repot with your support character, so that your main killer never leave spot and automatically pick them up as you throw them with the other character who went to repot.

            "ana oti"

            You can also pick up health pot if needed
            "eal oti"

            As complex potion won't be auto-use by mu helper they are junk in speed server, however because this potion recover SD, you may pick them up with your farm character and use them in chaos castle. Large complex potion is actually very effective for recovering HP, SD and AG.
            "omp oti"

            And I made a new keyword for picking up angels while avoiding all types of junk and more...

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          Guys... any way to pick Horse ítem?
          I have put it as Horse and horse and nevers pick up any in weeks
          Looks like it has changed
          Checked on store ítem List and appeared something called just "Spirit" in that way i got stores with Soul of Darkhorse.
          can anyone check? If you see it on the floor please check its name!


          • Ha1ryElbow
            Ha1ryElbow commented
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            Where are you looking for it?
            For example horse spirit drops in nars, don't remember about debenter. Yet raven you can get in ubaid. Like BBRG said "irit of" works for both of them - 100% I'm using it constantly.

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          Originally posted by Maxito View Post
          Guys... any way to pick Horse ítem?
          I have put it as Horse and horse and nevers pick up any in weeks
          Looks like it has changed
          Checked on store ítem List and appeared something called just "Spirit" in that way i got stores with Soul of Darkhorse.
          can anyone check? If you see it on the floor please check its name!
          Im on Ferrea as well, but for some reason the word "Horse" doesnt pick up anymore, im still looking for its name when its on the floor:

          By the way, actualy this is how name changes for Raven:

          On Floor: Spirit of Dark Raven
          On inventory: Soul of a Darkspirit
          On chat: Dark Raven Spirit Obtained
          On Store Search: just the word "Spirit" redirects to both Raven and Horse spirits.


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            Now i can confirm "horse" is working
            Also as stated above "Spirit of" Works for both ítems.
            Maybe its name is "Spirit of Darkhorse" on the floor


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              you can put anithing you want... no matter the order of the words just that words or letters must be contained in that Word

              Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz = will pick anything called Zzzz Xxxx Yyyy / Yyyy Xxxx Zzzz / Xxxx Zzzz Yyyy whatever combinations containing those strings on the ítem name
              you must look that is Case Sensitive

              Example as above: if i put "Spirit of" "irit of" also picks Scroll of Evil Spirit


              • (VM)Javiercar
                (VM)Javiercar commented
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                that's pretty weird thing haha

              • BBRG
                BBRG commented
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                If that annoys you just add keyword to filter that out.

                "irit of a" should stop it, but that is usually not needed as you won't be hunting in dungeon or devias when you are looking for those items.

                The keyword will work even some of it share the same part of the string.

              • Yamakuzo
                Yamakuzo commented
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                I was think that only 2 words can be typed in helper list

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              Let me give my example:
              I want to pick just Fragmets (Fire) for errtel combining process, and i have simply do this "ment ire" and helper collects only them
              Other thing for newbies mostly if you enter "+Opt" helper is collecting just Rings and Pendants +Opt because there is not any other items dropped +opt at low levels
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                I have to ask..
                I need to collect only Jewel of Bless but I dont need Jewel of Dark Bless have any idea?


                • Yamakuzo
                  Yamakuzo commented
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                  Originally posted by Przemo View Post
                  Jewel of Dark Bless
                  Im not sure but theres no item called like that.